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chest, his eyes rolling up into his head, lips trembling in ooh, ahh, ohh, nnngh.
    There might have been drool on his chin when he fumbled around and put the phone to his ear.
    When it vibrated against his face and he fell into a display rack, he remembered to hit the talk
    "Uh, hi, Cal," he said, panting. "What? Yeah, I mean, no. I'm fine, just caught me away from my phone." His head fell back onto plastic bags full of something and he just lay there amidst the
    spilled display items with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. "Sure, right. Bathroom... uh, bring matches. Lots."
    Hand pressed to his forehead, he peeked and shrugged up at Marcy. "For you," he mouthed,
    pointing his chin toward the least crumpled bag and the unspilled milkshake.
    "Huh?" she mouthed back. Then, "Thanks!" Her braces were really shiny that day, and Ian thought maybe her lips actually closed all the way over them now. She even had some kind of
    clogs on with wedge heels and glittery decals. They made her legs look really long, which of
    course, he noticed from that angle. He pushed out his lower lip appraisingly and gave her a
    thumbs up, nodding at Cal chattering away in his ear about business as usual.
    "What?" he said into his shoulder. "No. Don't bring me anything. I'm... not really hungry." He pursed his lips and pressed a thumb and index finger into his temples, nodding. "Yeah... stomach
    Go Fish - 26
    problems." He caught Marcy cocking a hip and putting a hand on her waist and gave her a
    lopsided grin. She looked like she just might kick him on Cal's behalf, and he was not liking the
    angle of ascent as he calculated it, spread-eagled on the floor.
    He scooched back away from She of the Ball Squashing Glitter Clogs, bulldozing through the
    pile of aquarium plants in iridescent colors and nodding, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, yup, yeah," in perfect rhythm with Cal's monologue, right up until he took out another display rack.
    Somehow, between the downpour of fake frogs, chew bones, and squeaky toys that were,
    apparently, motion-activated, he convinced Cal that everything was just fine at home and hung
    up. That done, he dropped the phone and sprawled flat on his back to reflect on just how fucked
    up his day really was.
    They had overhead fans with paw prints painted on them. And mirrors on the ceiling.
    Huh. You learned something new every day.
    Today, Ian had learned not to get out of bed without first making some sort of sacrifice to the
    Gods of Gay Love. Ian had been in awkward relationships before, but never had they spilled into
    the rest of his life to the extent that this had. Banged noses and sensitive teeth, chin splooge and
    crusty sheets were all fine and good as growing pains went, so long as they stayed part of his
    private life.
    You didn't get any less private than sprawled on the floor of a pet store with a ten-inch rawhide
    bone between your legs and a dozen motion-activated, vibrating balls.
    He really, really needed to get laid.
    Marcy crouched beside him, her face looming above his. More makeup and less zits. Ian had to
    remember to ask for a graduation picture. She reached forward tentatively and pulled a plastic
    aquarium plant out of his hair.
    "Faux seaweed," she said with a shrug. She gave him a hand up and helped him brush off the
    debris. Taking a long draw from the milkshake she said, "Let me guess. Girl troubles?"
    Ian nodded. "Faux girl."
    "Must suck," she said, all sympathy, with a French fry dangling between purple-painted
    "I wish."
    Setting the drink on the counter, she twirled a stray piece of hair around and around her little
    finger, contemplating, before she shrugged. "Y'know, I could maybe help you with that. I might
    know a trick or two."
    Go Fish - 27
    "Uh." He was afraid to ask. Seriously, balls-drawn-up-inside-his-body afraid. But he was also
    wearing chocolate milkshake and a really stupid expression. "Okay, hit me."
    "That might work," she winked, "but I have a better

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