I Choose You (The Billionaire Brothers Series)

I Choose You (The Billionaire Brothers Series) by S. Ann Cole Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: I Choose You (The Billionaire Brothers Series) by S. Ann Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: S. Ann Cole
for nonchalance. “I’m sure you have more important things to do.”
    Eyebrow raised, he shot back, “And helping you choose fabric that will be going into my building isn’t important?”
    “Yes, Mr. Nelson, but — ”
    A big, warm hand wrapped around my wrist and propelled me forward, cutting me off, and I struggled to keep up with his long strides as he started towards the elevator. “Miss Kingston, never in the history of my work life have I offered an employee my assistance with a job I’m paying them to do. You’re insulting my benevolence by rejecting my offer.”
    Well, that’s for rejecting me the other day in your office. “Mr. Nelson, I — ”
    “Please,” he cut in smoothly, as he ushered me into the elevator, “Call me Trev.”
    At that, my eyebrows reached my hairline, and I stared incredulously at him as he punched the floor button. Being so familiar as to call my boss’s boss’s boss ‘Trev’ wasn’t something I’d be comfortable with. It would be out of place. I barely knew the man.
    “I don’t think so,” I definitively told him. “I won’t feel comfortable doing that.”
    He turned to face me, and I almost stopped breathing. In the confinements of the elevator, his imposingness seemed magnified. And I wanted to be swept up in those arms and crushed against that firm body of his.
    Today he wore a navy-blue suit, sans necktie as usual. His raven-dark hair still hadn’t made up its mind which direction it wanted to go.
    “Try it on. See how it fits,” he encouraged in a low voice.
    “My name. Try it on. I’m hoping it’ll fit you comfortably, because I’d like to try on Krissy.”
    “Well, you can call me Krissy. But I — ”
    “ Try it on ,” he urged.
    This was so not going to fit. “Trevillo,” I said, and yes, it felt freakin’ awkward.
    His lips tipped up in a half-smile and, slowly, he shook his head from side to side and dragged out a “No.”
    Wanting to grin at how sexy he looked when he smiled and acted so … normal, I bit down on my lip.
    He reached out a hand toward my face as if to touch me, but then he pulled back. “Stop holding back and try on my name, Krissy .”
    Freeing my lower lip from the clamp of my teeth, I breathed, “Trev.” And by gad, did it fit! So goddamn perfectly, I had to say it again. “Trev … ”
    This time I got a full-fledged, Colgate-advertisement, I’m-a-big-kid-now smile. Jesus, why did he have to look so damn good?
    Whereas, he made me speechless and paralyzed with his serious, intimidating side, when he smiled like this, I had an entirely different feeling: a heart-racing, veins-pulsing rush that made me want to climb up his body and suck his tongue from his mouth.
    “How does it feel?”
    Batting down the urge to roll my eyes, I replied, “I’m sure you can already tell. You’re not a novice, and I’m not that hard to read.”
    The elevator doors slid open and, still smiling, he wrapped his hand around my wrist once more and pulled me out of the building.
    Hiding a smile of my own, I wondered if I just made it to being ‘eligible’. If so, I hoped he knew I meant it when I said, nothing complicated. A sample was all I needed.

    “What about this one?” I asked, holding up a piece of dark-gray fabric with red accents to a distracted Trevillo.
    For just a brief second, his eyes left his phone screen to give the material a quick once over, then he shrugged and went back to whatever was occupying him on his iPhone.
    Back at Skylark, he’d offered to help me choose the perfect fabric, but since we got to the store, he’d shown no interest as he worked on his phone instead, while constantly asking if I hadn’t made up my mind yet.
    “Not sure what’s the point of you coming here with me,” I grumbled, as I tugged on another roll of fabric, feeling its texture. “You’re of absolutely no help. You can go if you want.”
    From the periphery of my vision, I saw him put his cellphone in his pocket.

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