I Dream of Danger

I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice Read Free Book Online

Book: I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Marie Rice
Tags: Romance
was so finely built, exactly what she imagined a man should look like. A perfect man. Broad, thick shoulders, lean waist, long, strong legs. The vee of hard tendons running from belt level to the groin.
    It looked like his penis weighed several pounds all on its own. It was fascinating, long and thick and upright, dark tan with a dark red tip shiny with his juice.
    Even more fascinating, when her gaze drifted down from his face, over his chest, to fix on his penis, it swelled even larger. Oh my God . Just her looking at him aroused him!
    It was huge, lying almost flat against his belly. She could see his heartbeat there.
    This was pure magic, something so extraordinary she hadn’t even thought to dream it. How on earth could she have known it was like this? How could she have guessed that it would feel like this?
    Two kinds of heat—one slipping through her veins like a flow of warm honey and the other, almost painful, a prickly heat flashing over her skin. And her breasts and her sex—they felt like sources of heat themselves. Hot and swollen and, in the case of her sex, wet.
    Her eyes drifted back up Nick’s body and fixed on his face. He looked serious, almost grim, was narrow-eyed and unsmiling, a muscle twitching in his jaw. If a thousand books hadn’t told her that a man’s erection spelled pleasure, she would have thought he was in pain.
    Well, she sure wasn’t in pain. This was, hands down, the most glorious moment of her life. It was as if pain had been banished from the world and only pleasure existed.
    She pulled her hand out from the covers, astonished that it didn’t feel cold. Cold had been banished from the world too. She curled her fingers in the universal come here gesture.
    Just in case he didn’t get it, she said the words, “Come to me, Nick.”
    Her words seemed to release him from some invisible bonds. In a second, he was slipping on top of her under the covers and, oh, she nearly fainted from the sensory overload. He felt so damned good . It was all so new and so incredibly enticing. The heavy weight of him, the rough hairs sliding against her skin, the hard muscles. Elle didn’t know what to do, but her body did, without any help from her.
    Her body just naturally opened to him, in every way possible. It offered itself to him, naturally, as if it had been born to do this with Nick. Her mouth was already open when he bent, smiling, to kiss her, a heated, deep kiss that melted her bones. Her back arched, so her breasts were crushed against the cut pectorals of his chest, the rough chest hair tickling her breasts. Her legs slid apart, lifting slightly, the inside of her thighs hugging his lean hips. The wiry black hairs around his penis felt harsh in contrast to the velvety smoothness of his penis. She was open completely to him there, feeling empty, wanting him to fill—
    And then there he was, sliding into her, so hot and hard, and there was pain, yes, but life was pain and joy, she knew that, but there he was, inside her, and this was Nick. Nick inside her and it felt so wonderful, tears gathered in her eyes.
    And then the wonder stopped because Nick withdrew from her, pulled out, pulled away, and instead of there being heat and strength against her entire body, there was nothing but cold and emptiness.
    It was shocking. All of a sudden she was freezing, bereft. Trembling.
    He was sitting up, the noise of the sheets shifting loud in the silence of the room.
    Oh God. She’d done something wrong. Whatever she’d done it had been wrong. The wrong thing to do. She thought she’d been moving so naturally, but clearly she’d done something she shouldn’t. Or hadn’t done something she should.
    And now he was angry. She chanced a peek at his face. Or . . . if not angry, then something. Whatever, he wasn’t happy. That was clear.
    Nick swung his long legs over the side of the bed and sat, hands gripping the edge of the mattress, head slightly bowed.
    This was frightening.

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