I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams)

I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams) by Savannah Leigh Read Free Book Online

Book: I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams) by Savannah Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Savannah Leigh
steaks. Obviously, I want to have sex with her again. I’ll have time
to spend exploring her body. The two quickies we’ve had were good, but I want
to know all those places that make her moan. I can’t stop thinking about
fucking her in every room of my house. My dick gets hard imagining her spread
out on the dining room table, pussy dripping, while I sit in a chair and eat
her for dinner. The sound of a car horn brings me out of that little fantasy
just before I run a red light.
    I’ve got to get it together or
I’ll be walking around with a hard-on for the next three days.
    Pulling into my driveway, I
realize I didn’t give Lily the code to the gate. I’m not going to take a chance
of Brandy showing up here again. After I close the gate behind me, I text her the code. I park in the garage, moving over to one side,
so there’s room for Lily’s car. Might as well try to hide
from the crazies as best we can.
    I drive up to Drew’s house to
find the gate shut. Really? I find my cell phone to
call him and notice I have a text message. When I see it’s from him, I calm
down and punch the code into the keypad. The gate slowly slides open and I
drive through. I’m not sure if it closes automatically but I assume Drew has a
remote or other way to close it from the house. The text also said to park in
the garage. I follow the driveway around to the back of the property. There’s a
garage door open and I see Drew’s Cadillac there with space next to it for my
car. I pull into the spot and turn off the engine. In the silence I can hear my
heart beating and it isn’t slow. Taking a deep breath I will myself to calm
down. I don’t know how long I sit there but I jump at the sound of tapping on
my window. Drew is standing there smiling. My cheeks heat up and I know I’m
blushing. He opens the door and helps me out.
    “I wondered how long you were
going to sit in here. Is everything okay?” He gives me that panty-melting smile
I am starting to adore.
    “Yes, I’m fine. Just nervous and trying to not make an ass of myself.” I
can’t look him in the eye.
    “Well, let’s go inside and have a
glass of wine. Where’s your bag? You’re staying the night, right?” His brow
furrows with worry.
    I smile and pat his forearm.
    “Yes, Drew, I’m planning on
spending the night. My bag is in the back. However, I’ll have to stop by my
apartment sometime tomorrow and feed my cat.”
    Drew’s shoulders visibly drop as
the tension leaves them. He heads toward the back of my car and I open the
trunk with the key fob. With my suitcase in hand, Drew goes back into the house
and I follow behind him. Then I remember the front gate.
    “By the way, I wasn’t sure how to
close the gate. I assume you can do that from the house?”
    “It’s already taken care of,
Lily. I don’t want any uninvited visitors any more than you do.”
    I can’t help but giggle at that.
Of course he doesn’t want visitors, either.
    Entering the house, I take a deep
breath and I can smell garlic and lemon. There’s something else, too, but I
can’t identify it.
    Drew sets my suitcase down. He
turns and starts to walk toward me, a determined look on his face. I’m not sure
what he’s thinking and my nerves return. He walks up to me and I think he’s
going to kiss me. Standing there looking at him I feel my panties start to get
    “I’m so glad you decided to come
over,” Drew says as he brushes my cheek with the back of his hand. He reaches
to the back of my neck and pulls my face to his. He gives me a soft, gentle
kiss on the mouth. A sigh escapes my lips as he pulls back and I can’t help the
grin that appears on my face.
    “You sound like you didn’t think
I would.”
    “I have to admit that was a fear
of mine.”
    “Well, I’m here now. What do you
want to do?” I raise one eyebrow, hoping he’s thinking the same thing I am.
    “I thought we’d have a glass of
wine on the back patio and talk. Then we can

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