I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams)

I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams) by Savannah Leigh Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: I Thee Wed (Wedding Dreams) by Savannah Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Savannah Leigh
sure what to do next.
    Drew squeezes my shoulder. “I’ll
be downstairs if you need anything.” He starts to walk away after giving me a
peck on the cheek.
    I decide to take the opportunity,
and turn my head so our lips meet. Drew seems surprised at first, but he
presses against my lips harder. I swallow a groan and try to keep myself
together as the kiss deepens. I feel Drew’s tongue on my lips so I part them
enough for him to slip in. We do a dance with our tongues, tasting each other
like a fine wine.
    Drew’s hands come up to my hips
pulling me closer and I hope my pants aren’t too wet with the wine. I can feel
his manhood growing on my hip. I put my hands around his neck, angling my head
so the kiss can go deeper. The heat builds between us until I have to break the
kiss to catch my breath.
    Drew looks into my eyes for a
second, then dips his head to kiss down my neck. His
hands leave my hips, and his fingers start to unbutton my blouse. I tilt my
head to give Drew better access to my neck and collarbone. He doesn’t stop
working his way down with his mouth. My top is open and Drew pushes it off my
shoulders until it lands in a puddle somewhere behind me.
    My breathing is coming faster.
Drew pulls back slightly, looking at my breasts. He starts to kiss and lick
along the edge of my plain cotton bra. Why didn’t I wear something sexier? Drew continues his attention on my chest, alternating between both breasts. I
take the opportunity to reach behind and unclasp the bra. My breasts are free
and I drop the bra on top of my shirt.
    Drew groans and starts to suck on
my left nipple. My head falls back and I can’t help the satisfied sigh that
leaves me. He uses his hand to cup my other breast, kneading it and finding the
nipple, pinching it, and I suck in a quick breath at
the feeling. No man has ever given my breasts this much attention and I’m
finding the sensation very fulfilling. My panties are getting even wetter and
I’m certain Drew can smell my arousal.
    He breaks away from my chest and
looks into my eyes. His pupils are dilated and all I can see is black. A quick
glance at his body and I can see his erection straining against his pants. I
know what he feels like inside me, and I want him there again. I reach for him
and fumble with the buttons. Drew just tears it open and the buttons go flying.
    He is beautiful. Tanned skin, ripped chest and abs. I can’t help running my
hands over them and I smile when they ripple under my fingers. I bend over
slightly and start kissing his stomach just above his belly button. Drew’s
hands are in my hair and I’m so turned on I might spontaneously combust. I
continue to kiss and suck and lick my way up to his neck. Drew pulls my hair lightly,
and smashes into my mouth for another deep kiss.
    His hands trail down my back, my
ass, and lift me up. I like it when he does that. He walks us over to
the bed and gently lays me down. I look up and he’s staring at me with a small
smile on his face. Suddenly, I’m feeling shy.
    “Nothing, I’m just glad I met
you. You’re beautiful and sexy and I’m going to make you scream.”
    I can’t help but smile. Reaching
for him, I clutch the waistband of his pants and start to tug them down. He
removes his wallet from his pocket and puts it on the nightstand as he steps
out of his clothes and removes mine. Then he lies down next to me on the bed. I
take my time looking him over from his toes to his head. He’s a sculpture
personified. There’s not a flaw anywhere on him. My hands are itching to touch
him. I reach up to do just that and he rolls over on top of me, snagging both
my hands and holding them above my head. It’s really hot.
    “Lily, I want to take my time and
explore every inch of you. I know what it’s like to have you fast and hard, and
I want this time to be slow. I want to feel you underneath me, and I want to
hear you when you come.”
    Okay, that was the hottest
fucking thing anyone has ever

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