Ice Dreams Part 3

Ice Dreams Part 3 by Melissa Johns Read Free Book Online

Book: Ice Dreams Part 3 by Melissa Johns Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Johns
picture for me.”
    She gasped. “I will not be taking a picture of my teacher, Jessie. He will end up catching me and I will flunk his class.”
    “You are no fun. When can I come and visit you?”
    “You tell me. I’m always around except for my classes in the morning. You can sleep on the couch.”
    “That sounds like fun. I need a break from the city living. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to get eaten up,” Jessie commented.
    “You will love it here. It’s so calm and peaceful. Come after the wedding.”
    “I will call you and let you know. I love you and take a risk, Madison.”
    They hung up and Maddy changed her clothes. She found a pink summer top that tied around her neck and a pair of jean shorts. She quickly threw her hair up into a ponytail and heard a knock on her door.
    She opened it and found Hunter standing on the other side. “Hey Maddy.”
    “Hey, come on in. Did you want to sit outside?”
    He nodded and walked onto the balcony. She grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to him. Their fingers brushed across each other’s briefly as he looked up at her. “I wanted to tell you in person.”
    She sat down and looked at him. “Tell me what?”
    “I received a contract extension this morning. I’m staying in town for another three years.”
    She frowned and shook her head. “So this entire event shouldn’t have happened? You shouldn’t have abandoned me in a parking lot, you shouldn’t have panicked over nothing and most of all and you shouldn’t have run away from me.”
    “Maddy, I’m so sorry for my behavior.”
    “Hunter, we need to get through next weekend but you destroyed me. I can’t do this anymore. I need to finally say that we are over.”
    He looked down at the ground. “Please don’t say that.”
    “I need to focus on schooling and my job. Right now, I need to concentrate on Alicia and Carter.”
    He nodded. “I promise to behave myself. I will only bug you when something is needed.”
    “I’m sorry Hunter.”
    He shook his head. “You have no reason to be sorry. This was all my fault. My mom is going to kill me.”
    “She won’t kill you. At least you don’t have to see your parents this weekend. I’m dreading that.”
    He looked at her. “God, I totally forget about that. I really am an idiot. Are you going to be ok?”
    “It is what it is. My attention is with the bride and groom and if they start anything with me, I walk the other way.”
    He stood up and handed the empty water bottle back to her. “I’m sorry again.”
    She nodded. “I know you are. I will see you Friday night at the rehearsal dinner.”
    He nodded as he walked down the stairs. She watched him climb into his truck and drive away. She hoped that she made the right decision because she missed him already.
    Later in the evening, she grabbed her books and studied for her math test. Alicia had called about five times to go over last minute details. Her morning sickness had started to take over and she was panicked that it would ruin her big day. Madison researched home remedies and drove over to her house to drop off her findings.
    When she returned home, she grabbed her books and walked down towards the beach. There was a small picnic table that she laid her books on and started to do her homework. Her phone rang, startling her. “Hello?”
    “Hey, it’s Mike.”
    “Hey, where are you?”
    “I’m running late. I had to meet with my lawyer. Do you want to meet me down at McHale’s in about an hour?”
    “Sure, are you ok?”
    “Yeah, I will fill you in when I see you.”
    “Ok, see you in about an hour.” She placed her phone on the table and stared at it. She knew there was a side to Mike that she didn’t know and tonight she would find out.
    She quickly took a shower and found a light sundress to wear. She grabbed her keys and headed towards the bar. Once she arrived, she walked around to see if she could spot Mike. She glanced towards the bar and spotted Hunter staring at

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