If I'd Only Known (Milan Women Series Book 1)

If I'd Only Known (Milan Women Series Book 1) by C.A. Johnson Read Free Book Online

Book: If I'd Only Known (Milan Women Series Book 1) by C.A. Johnson Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.A. Johnson
laughed out loud, amused at her reaction. “Don't worry, Perri, it'll fit,” he
blinked several times, seriously doubting his words. “But it's so big . . .
well, thick . . . and long. And I'm so,” she pointedly glanced down at herself,
“I've never been broken in . . . .”
is gonna be all right, baby. I promise.”
laughter held no humor. “Forgive me if I don't rush to believe you.”
rip me apart, Barrington! And . . . huh . . . I still need to sit as well as walk
. . . once this process is over.” Did I really just say process? God, that
was stupid . Perri knew he probably thought she was daft. Not that she had
anything by way of personal experience to compare it to, but the man could
probably be arrested for assault with attempt to please. And looking at him—if
she actually thought all of him would fit—no doubt he'd go out of his way to
please her. But come on now. She was sure he knew as well as her she couldn't
open her legs wide enough to receive all he had to offer. Suddenly, she
wondered how on earth he was able to sit when he was this fully aroused, and
the thought made her want to laugh out loud but she wisely bit it back.
tried not to; he really did, but he burst into laughter at her dramatic antics.
The fact he could see she was really serious had him laughing harder.
was up on her knees in the center of his bed before she knew she moved. “What
are you laughing at?” she demanded with her eyes still glued to his impressive manhood.
. . . it won't . . .” Barrington paused. It won't what ? How could he
explain where she would understand ? He couldn't say it wouldn't hurt her
with her being a virgin and all; it would hurt her the first time, probably the
second time, too. He knew he needed to prepare her but he didn't want to shock
her anymore than she already was. “Perri, this,” he stroked himself, “is meant
to please you; it won't kill you. And I promise, baby, I won't rip you apart.”
I'm supposed to believe this because why?”
had to laugh before he forced himself to get serious. “Come here, Perri.”
come here.”
me why first.”
shook his head. However, he approached the bed to stand directly in front of
her. He reached out to her, “Give me your hand, Perri.”
are you gonna do with it?”
being difficult and just give me your hand.”
hesitated before slowly placing her right hand in his left hand.
you.” With his other hand he lifted her chin so her eyes were fixed on his.
“Now, baby, I need you to trust me. Think you can do that?”
a single blink, she nodded.
Barrington smiled reassuringly. “Touch me.”
of repeating himself, Barrington guided her hand to his manhood. Then he kept
his hand on hers as he moved her hand up and down, allowing her to stroke him.
Before long he removed his hand and she was exploring him on her own. He
released a low growl. “That's it, baby. Feel me; get to know me intimately,” he
urged her on. Barrington thought he would die when she slowly started to
squeeze him softly.
of disgusted, Perri was absolutely fascinated. Especially when she felt
Barrington's manhood jerk under her touch, and he shuddered as she continued to
stroke him. Truthfully, though no expert as of yet, she thought that turned her
on every bit as much as it did him; maybe more so because suddenly she heard
herself sounding strange and feeling desperate to have him inside her.
. . .” she panted and didn't recognize her voice, but knew it was hers.
her order, he simply said, “In time, sweet Perri.”
much time?” she inquired impatiently.
chuckled softly at her inquiry then answered, “As much time as it takes to love
you inside and out, baby.” Barrington pulled back the

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