Immortally Yours, An Urban Fantasy Romance (Monster MASH, Book 1)

Immortally Yours, An Urban Fantasy Romance (Monster MASH, Book 1) by angie fox Read Free Book Online

Book: Immortally Yours, An Urban Fantasy Romance (Monster MASH, Book 1) by angie fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: angie fox
Tags: paranormal romance
coincidence. I really was.  
    She leveled a steadying gaze at me. "It happens."  
    Not often. I strode outside to where I saw the ambulance team preparing to leave. "Where are you going?"  
    The tattooed paramedic glanced up. "To the 4027th," he said, tightening down a loaded stretcher. The ambulances could take up to six patients.  
    "Got room for one more?" I asked, seeing two empty bunks.  
    "Yes, ma'am."  
    "Bed 22A." Hand shaking, I braced a clipboard on my hip as I drew up orders. Dr. Freiermuth would know what to do with him. I hoped. At least I was pretty sure she didn't see spirits.  
    Two EMTs headed inside to retrieve Galen. "Better take a third man," I said, scrawling my signature at the bottom. "And strap him in," I added, despising myself just a little.  
    I hated to order restraints. Galen would be ticked. But I couldn't have him getting up and walking away. He'd do it, too.  
    I stood at entrance to recovery and cringed as three immortal orderlies struggled to tie Galen down. When they'd finally subdued him, two of them hustled him out. The third orderly followed, rubbing at his left hand.  
    Galen's muscular shoulders shook as he fought the leather straps on his wrists and across his upper arms and torso. They strained against the metal supports that held them in place. "Stop," he demanded. "Tell me where you're taking me."  
    I followed them out, toward the waiting ambulance. "Can I have a minute?" I asked the orderly before he eased Galen's stretcher inside.  
    He nodded and left my patient on the slide-out rail of the transport.  
    Cripes. Galen was busy working a hand loose. I knew better than to think he couldn't pull it off.  
    At least I was used to delivering bad news. I placed a hand on Galen's chest where the blanket had fallen away. I hadn't wanted to do this out here, in the yard. Or heck, at all. "We're sending you to the 4027th for additional treatment."  
    He went from confused to calculated in about one second flat. "What the hell," he swore under his breath. "I have an honest to god conversation with you and you ship me out?"  
    My breath caught as his eyes narrowed.  
    "I don't know what you mean," I said.  
    "I really did see something, didn't I?"  
    He knew. We both did. A moment passed between us that I couldn't take back. I looked into his piercing blue eyes and felt the weight of my betrayal.  
    Heart pounding, I opened my mouth, then closed it again. It had to be done.  
    Right now, he had no proof, but if he stuck around here there was no telling what he'd find out. Something had happened between us and I didn't know if there were traces or what—or hell, if I'd end up giving something away. Or if some treacherous part of me even wanted him here with me. No matter what, this had to end right now.  
    I leaned close, my voice barely a whisper. "I can't do it." This was as far as I went.  
    His hand cupped the back of my head. I jumped, but he held me close.  
    I trembled as his fingers wound through my hair. "How did you—"  
    "I escaped," he said simply, his touch scorching me. His breath was ragged. "Whatever happened on that table, your secret is safe with me. I won't hurt you." He guided me closer. "What are you afraid of?"  
    I could barely find my voice. "You."  
    "I know," he said, fingers caressing my scalp as if to calm me. It didn't work. A riot of sensation flooded me. I could swear he saw through me, into me, like I had him. But that was impossible. "Let me in," he urged, "I can protect you. It's what I do." His breath touched my ear. "You don't have to fight this battle alone."  
    Warm desire sluiced through me. I shouldn't feel this. Or anything. And I didn't have to fight any battles at all. He could get me killed just talking about this.  
    I broke away from him. "You need to go."  
    "You can't pretend this isn't happening. It won't work," he said, with way too much conviction for my taste.  
    I stood. "You're in the hands of the New

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