In a Cowboy’s Arms

In a Cowboy’s Arms by Janette Kenny Read Free Book Online

Book: In a Cowboy’s Arms by Janette Kenny Read Free Book Online
Authors: Janette Kenny
scars to prove it.
    “You said this woman stole jewelry too?” Dade asked.
    The bounty hunter faced him again. “The daughter’s blue cameo broach. According to Nowell, it wasn’t costly but it was a family piece that their daughter treasured.”
    The words slammed into Dade like a gut-punch. He stared at the scuffed floorboards, feeling sick inside as he thought back to the broach Daisy wore. She’d not known it was a locket. Not realized that it’d been their ma’s.
    Now he knew why her memory was so bad. Why she hadn’t recognized him–hell, why she hadn’t remembered she had a brother. She’d lied to him about her name. About her foster family.
    She wasn’t Daisy Logan.
    But the broach was his ma’s. He was sure of it. So why was the Silver King of Burland claiming it belonged to hisfamily? What connection did Daisy have with Nowell and Margaret Sutten?
    “Bound to be a good many cameo broaches around,” Dade said. “How will you recognize the stolen one?”
    The bounty hunter’s cold dark eyes glittered with malice. “Because this one is inscribed, and I doubt there are two blue cameos with the same quote. Once I find it, I’ll know I have the right woman.”
    A feeling of dread settled over Dade, as biting as a winter northwester off the Rockies. “What’s the inscription?”
    “’Be true to yourself.’”
    The stab of betrayal sank into Dade’s heart. Logic said his sister must have lost the broach somewhere in her travels. Margaret Sutten had found it.
    Yep, that made sense.
    He’d found his ma’s locket, but Daisy was still lost to him.
    “Good words to live by.” But were there initials under it?
    Hell, was
struck below the saying on Margaret Sutten’s broach? He only had her word, and he was doubting that now.
    Dade blew out a deep slow breath when he longed to cuss like a trooper. Dammit all, he’d been conned good. But it explained why he’d had less than brotherly feelings toward the woman posing as his sister.
    The woman who stirred his lust was Margaret Sutten. Thief. Liar. God knows what else he could tag onto that.
    Annoyance vibrated along his nerves like a mirage shimmering over the dry high plains of Wyoming. He’d spent six months here for nothing.
    “You sure you haven’t seen her or the blue cameo?” Carson shifted his tense form almost in a show of defiance, and again Dade caught a glimpse of the pearl handle on his sidearm.
    He thought of Carson hauling Margaret Sutten back to Burland, Colorado, and cringed.
    She’d be answerable to Carson. She’d be a victim to his rules and to his baser desires. She’d get no mercy from this man.
    Not that Dade should give a damn one way or the other. She’d stolen Daisy’s broach and her identity.
    But he couldn’t turn her over to Carson now.
    “Afraid not,” Dade said.
    She might be the only clue to finding Daisy. But how could he get to the truth of what happened to his sister when a ruthless bounty hunter was on the Sutten woman’s trail?
    Only one way he could see. He’d have to continue to pretend that Margaret Sutten was his long lost sister.
    Instead of upholding the law, he was bending it badly in hopes of finding out how this woman came by the broach and what she knew about Daisy Logan.
    “Reckon I’ll ask around town.” The bounty hunter left without another word.
    Not that there was anything more to be said.
    Silence thundered in the room and set Dade’s nerves to twanging. This must be how the old miners felt when they hauled a load of nitroglycerin up a mountain trail. One wrong move, and they’d blow themselves to hell and back.
    Dammit, he hoped nobody in town connected Daisy Logan with the imposter Carson was trailing. Hoped Carson would decide Margaret Sutten wasn’t here and move on.
    He hoped he could get over to Mrs. Gant’s and tell Margaret she’d best stay hidden. But as soon as he left the jail he’d likely draw the bounty hunter’s attention.
    So he damned sure couldn’t head

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