In Darkness We Must Abide: The Complete Second Season: Episodes 6-10

In Darkness We Must Abide: The Complete Second Season: Episodes 6-10 by Rhiannon Frater Read Free Book Online

Book: In Darkness We Must Abide: The Complete Second Season: Episodes 6-10 by Rhiannon Frater Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rhiannon Frater
hadn’t dated seriously since her arrival in Austin. “I’m not trying to compete for most men bagged in a single year award.”
    Rhonda slung her arm around Vanora’s shoulders. “At least I’m having fun.”
    “ Uh huh,” Vanora studied her grocery list. “Now what did we come for? Grapes, which you’ve nearly finished, apples, bananas, whole grain bread, chicken, brown rice, and what else?”
    “ Skim milk to go with my chocolate fudge cake-that’s-not-your-birthday-cake.”
    “ Remind me why I like you?”
    “ I’m irresistible,” Rhonda declared.
    “ Okay, milk.” Vanora reached the end of her list. It was written on the back of the envelope her sister had sent a birthday card in.
    “ What about birthday party stuff?”
    Vanora winced. “No birthday stuff.”
    “Not even little hats? Or fancy plates? To go with your non-birthday cake?” Rhonda gave Vanora her most adorable smile, fluttering her eyelashes.
    “ No. No. No. No birthday stuff.” Vanora glowered.
    “ Fine! Well, at least let’s go spend that check your sister sent at the San Marcos outlets this weekend.”
    “ That sounds fine, since it’s not my actual birthday. I swear, my birthdays are cursed.” Vanora didn’t even want to think about celebrating her birthday. She didn’t care if she was turning nineteen. “We’ll shop until we drop and send my sister pictures of what we buy. She’ll be thrilled.”
    Rhonda plucked a few more grapes from the open bag and popped one in her mouth. “How’s your sister anyway?”
    Vanora found it difficult to speak about her sibling. It had taken nearly a year for her to finally answer Alisha’s emails and text messages. She had yet to respond to Roman. It was harder to forgive him for some reason. Maybe because she’d thought he was so much stronger than Alisha. “You’re stealing those grapes, you know.”
    Rhonda shrugged her shoulders and ate another one. “Answer my question.”
    “She’s fine. She wants me to go up and visit her.”
    “ So why don’t you go? She’s clean now, right? Rehab worked?”
    The official story that Uncle Nicolau had concocted about Vanora’s abrupt departure from Houston was that Alisha had a severe addiction problem and after a very bad episode, had gone into rehab and sent Vanora to live with her extended family. The same excuse was used for Alisha canceling all her art exhibits, deleting her website, and basically vanishing from the art world.
    “It’s just hard getting over what happened.”
    “ Yeah, that totally sucked about Armando and her falling off the wagon that night.”
    “ You could say that.” Memories of the vampires feasting flashed through her mind. She drew in a trembling breath. “I don’t know if I can deal with it yet.”
    “ We all have our deep dark issues.”
    “ Not as deep or as dark as mine.”
    “ It’s that house you lived in. So creepy. I’m so glad you’re away from it. If you visit your sister, you should totally stay at a hotel and avoid the whole Dracula vibe.”
    Selecting a lower sugar apple juice from a shelf, Vanora hoped Rhonda would drop the subject soon. In the last month or so, she had considered visiting her siblings, but was too afraid to even try to put plans into motion after what had happened the year before.
    “Hey, there’s Dan! Don’t act like a freak.”
    Vanora’s face brightened, her glum mood falling away almost instantly.
    Dan O’Brien lived in their apartment complex. Tall, athletic, and very handsome with blond hair and vivid blue eyes, Vanora had been intimidated at first when he’d started talking to her at their apartment mail center. Vanora was immensely shy around men, but Dan’s charming sense of humor and sincere interest in her had eroded her nervousness. They chatted whenever they spotted each other around the complex. Vanora thought he was actually quite sweet. Rhonda was convinced Dan was interested in Vanora. Nervous at the prospect, Vanora had to admit to

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