In Search of the Past (Stacey and Shane Mcleod, #2)

In Search of the Past (Stacey and Shane Mcleod, #2) by Rikki Dyson Read Free Book Online

Book: In Search of the Past (Stacey and Shane Mcleod, #2) by Rikki Dyson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rikki Dyson
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Time travel
decided they would just watch for awhile.  The summer days could be so pleasant and then before you knew it, clouds would darken and it would be so cool that a sweater felt good.
    Today the weather was warm and the lake was inviting.  Stacey’s swimsuit was an Anne Cole, one piece green and blue with matching tie around saran.  Andrea’s was a two piece bikini.  The four of them swam and played and raced one another to the raft in the middle of the lake. 
    “You’re a strong swimmer,” Shane said.
    “Yes, I have a competitive nature. There was no way I could let Tony or Rich out do me, they would’ve gotten too cocky.”
    Shane chortled at Stacey’s remark. Thoughtfully, sitting on the raft watching Stacey twisting her hair to wring out the water; he asked, with great admiration and curiosity, “Do you fish, Stacey?”
    Stacey squinted her eyes as she looked at Shane, “It this a trick question?” she asked.
    Shane chortled again and said, “No, I was merely wondering, with you living in the country, if you know how to fish?”
    “To answer your question, yes, I know how to fish. With a river and a lake in our Backyard, so to speak, it would be unusual not too. When we were kids; we fished mostly for catfish and bass but my gramps likes to fly fish.  I like to fly fish sometimes too, but I’m too petulant to be good at it.”
    Stacey smiled as she was remembering an incident that happened when she was three or four years old and had gone fishing with her dad.
    “What are you smiling about?” Shane asked. “Some mischief you used to get into, I’d wager.”
    “Close, but not this time,” Stacey said. “I was remembering going fishing with my dad when I was little.  I was putting a worm on my hook when I asked my dad, “Does it hurt the worm when I stick him on the hook?”
    “I’m not sure, but it probably does,” Dad said. “I believe worms have a nervous system. They wiggle when you touch them.”
    I thought about it for a very short while, then I kissed the little worm’s head and said, “Sorry little worm, but you gotta go.” Then I stuck him on the hook.”
    Shane chortled heartily. “So you bait your own hook too. You are a very unusual young woman.”
    Stacey had been admiring his chest hair and pectoral muscle. She was remembering how strong and hard his body felt against her when he held her close at the castle ruins. She had the greatest urge to reach out and touch him, but ducked her head a little embarrassed by her thoughts and afraid he would guess what she was thinking.
    Quickly she said, “Not too unusual I hope. I’ll race you back to the pier,” and dove into the water.  Shane dove in too and beat her to the pier by two strokes.  Shane waved as he and Phillip swam back to the raft.
    When Andrea had a chance, she got Stacey alone so she could talk to her. “I may be putting my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I have to warn you about Rory Wakefield.” 
    “I’m listening,” Stacey said.
    “When we first moved here I was twenty. Phillip and I were seeing each other but no
    commitment. I met Rory and he came on very strong.  He’s very good looking and smooth
    talking.  When he asked, would I like to see the manor house?  I said, yes, of course, I would.
    Like, how many chances was I going to get to see inside a place like that.
    Well to make a long story short, he took me to dinner then to the manor house. He had more on his mind that touring the manor house. Shane was driving from Edinburgh to London.  He stopped by to see the new place and ‘god bless her,’ Mrs. Nickels told him where I was. I don’t know how Shane knew about Rory’s reputation, but he wasted no time in finding me.  Not one minute too soon either. I was fighting Rory off when Shane pulled him off me. He told me, to get to the car. He gave Rory a good beating.
    I don’t know what Shane said to him, however, Rory sent me a letter of apology and said he would not bother me again. I

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