In Training

In Training by Michelle Robbins Read Free Book Online

Book: In Training by Michelle Robbins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Robbins
Tags: Erótica
Still, she'd somehow expected it to be...sexier.
    "From this point on, you'll accept whatever I do. If you tell me to stop, I am legally obliged to do so, but our training sessions will be over. There's no dishonor if you choose to do so. With that being said, I'll ask again. Do you want my training?"
    The offer to back out without shame was a generous one, but Abby wasn't about to give up so easily. He was the man for her. She knew this in her soul. Some things were worth fighting for. "Yes. Please teach me, Master."
    "Good girl. You're permitted to rise from the floor now."
    She smiled as his approval washed over her. Clambering to her knees, she leaned into Seth and eased her head into his lap. With a soft laugh, she used tongue, teeth, and her body to tease and touch him from ribs to just above his knees and back. Murmuring her delight, she absorbed his sounds of pleasure and catches of breath when she found a particular hot spot. She danced her lips from his wrist to his elbow, to bicep and shoulder, and across his chest and down to where she kissed and nibbled his belly through his black T-shirt.
    She tugged up the T-shirt and applied her attention to the curves and planes of his abdomen. "I like your tummy."
    "It likes you." He laughed--then caught up his phone when it burped an alert. "Let me write this note," he said after a brief moment spent scanning the text message. His hand moved across the screen, his thumb touching the display.
    "No worries." She never paused, moving her mouth along the revealed abs and even pushing his shirt up to kiss her way across his chest. She took playful nips across his jean-clad thighs and groin.
    Seth chuckled. "You're not letting me handle my business, li'l one."
    "But, Master, I'm not stopping you," she said with unrealistic innocence.
    He chuckled. Abby laughed as well, putting her teeth to work on the inside seam of his thighs. There she teased the sensitive skin, causing him to gasp and jerk when she caught something more than denim. She let go with a gasped apology.
    "You're not doing a thing wrong," he said, his voice a raspy growl. He threaded his hand into her hair and encouraged her return to pleasuring his body. His dimple made a shy appearance.
    That dimple was simply adorable.
    She murmured her delight when he put down the phone and sighed his contentment. Opening jeans buttons with her teeth was beyond her skill set at this time, so she put her hands to work. Seth didn't complain and seemed accommodating enough, raising himself up to assist the goal of sliding off his jeans and shorts.
    The hard, jutting shaft of his cock bobbed before her eyes, a tempting thrust of male hunger. She licked her lips and swallowed her drool. His cock was a demonstration of Seth's personality, an aggressive manifestation of masculine power and beauty. She'd noticed the length and girth of him when he had fucked her mouth.
    His jeans had bunched at his knees, getting in her way since they and her 42DD bounty were vying for the same space. She sought to tug them down to his ankles, but he vetoed that with a quiet, "That's far enough."
    She cradled his ball sac with her breasts and leaned forward to press her lips against the luscious thrust of velvety-soft steel.
    It bobbed before her now, urging her closer.
    She couldn't restrain her whine of hunger.
    Seth cupped her head and made a sound deep in his chest.
    Parting her lips, Abby enclosed his cocktip. She sucked lightly, making short, bobbing motions with her head. His fingers twitched in her hair. She eased down his length and back up again, tracing a trail along his shaft with her tongue. He liked a swirl sensation, if his fingers tightening in her hair could tell her anything. He breathed out a sound that was half-moan and half-sigh.
    She repeated the languid, full-throated caress again and again, each time varying the tempo and suction of her mouth along his length. She made a fist around the base of his cock and, with a gentle squeeze,

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