Indulgent Pleasures

Indulgent Pleasures by Karen Erickson Read Free Book Online

Book: Indulgent Pleasures by Karen Erickson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Erickson
Tonight they were a deep pink, the color only emphasizing their sexy shape and the urge to kiss her was overwhelming.
    The way she looked at him, though, he knew that option was out. At least for now.
    But he was always hopeful.
    “I thought it was just going to be a one time thing.” Her voice was small and she clutched the mail to her like a shield.
    Justin took a step toward her. “So did I.”
    “Why are you here now?”
    “I wanted to see you again.” He studied her, trying to gauge her reaction. She gave away nothing. “I came here to ask if you’d like to have dinner with me, Stephanie.”
    “I know who you are,” she blurted and then she blinked. Twice.
    Shit. He kind of liked that she didn’t know exactly who he was. The anonymity had been enjoyable.
    But then it dawned on him that she didn’t want to see him and she knew who he was. The women he usually encountered felt the exact opposite.
    So maybe this had promise after all. That is, if he could convince her to go out with him.
    “Are you mad I wasn’t honest with you?” He took a step closer toward her.
    She shook her head and he took another step. “No, just a little confused. But I’m sure you had your reasons.”
    “Will you go with me to dinner?” Damn it, he’d already asked her twice and this shit was so unlike him. He felt like he was begging.
    He never begged.
    “It’s probably not a good idea.”
    He had no idea why she just said that. Why wouldn’t it be a good idea? Dinner, a little bit of talking, a whole lot of looking and then a whole bunch of touching followed by way too much fucking.
    That all sounded good to him.
    “Why not?”
    “I don’t know.” She shrugged, looked confused. “You’re famous. I’m not.”
    “You won’t go to dinner with me because I’m famous?” Well, that was a first. Most of the time women went out with him only because he was famous.
    She pressed her lips together, the mail clutched so tight in her hand he heard it crinkle. “Okay fine. I’ll go to dinner with you.”
    Triumph surged through him. He wanted to pump his fist into the air. She’d said yes.
    He hoped she’d keep saying yes throughout the rest of the night.

    Chapter Six
    Were the planets in perfect alignment? Was there some sort of cosmic energy that brought Justin back to her? Could that explain why everything was unfolding this way?
    She’d thought about Justin, boom, he’d appeared on the cover of the magazine earlier today. She told herself she most definitely couldn’t see him again and wham, he showed up at her apartment tonight. She warned herself she shouldn’t play with fire and blammo, she agreed to accompany Justin the raging inferno to dinner. And by the look on his face, it told her he was more than ready to consume her inch by blessed inch.
    God, she hated to admit it but she’d let him, too. He looked amazing dressed in a navy blue polo shirt and faded jeans, his dark hair mussed by the wind and his eyes sparkling with heat every time he looked at her.
    Ha. Well of course, he looked good. That gorgeous face and amazing body would look good in a paper sack.
    Now she was riding in his equally amazing car, a Mercedes something or other, some rare model that only a select few in the entire world owned or some such thing. That’s what he’d told her, his voice filled with pride as his hand had smoothed over the sleek black hood like a proud father with his precious baby.
    Yes, she’d grown jealous of a car. Watching his hand sliding over what was nothing but a hunk of metal had given her tingles and made her toes curl. Memories flooded her of that one illicit moment they shared. His mouth on hers, his hands on her breasts and his cock buried deep inside her.
    She sighed. Here was her chance to reenact another sexual fantasy. It was as if it was meant to be between her and Justin. She needed to take this opportunity and run with it.
    “So where are we going?” She needed to make

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