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Industry & Intrigue by Ryan McCall Read Free Book Online

Book: Industry & Intrigue by Ryan McCall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ryan McCall
right? I mean it’s not exactly easy for us
country bumpkins to fit in here, so making new friends is part of
that,” said Michael.
    “ What makes you think I even
want to fit in? This city isn’t about fitting in, it’s about
individual expression and different cultures blending together,”
replied Reese.
    Michael gulped
do wn the
last of his meal. “Did you change your major to sociology or
something?” he asked.
    “ No ,” replied Reese, “it’s my
observations of the way this city operates.”
    “ Anyway ,” said Michael, “I don’t think I can
wait for the investigation and official announcement, I’m going to
head over to Warded Spirals later and see what I can find
    Reese shook his head, “Oh, don’t tell me
you’re going to try one of your harebrained stunts again like the
time you got us lost in the Dalsson Woods.”
    “ I killed that boar though didn’t I?”
asked Michael.
    “ Yes, you did and we were lost in the woods
for four days. Do me a favor, whatever shit you plan to land
yourself into, don’t involve me. We’re too old for that anymore.
We’re at university Mike, let it go,” said Reese.
    His friend glared at him.
    “ What is it?” he
    “ I knew him,” said Michael.
“Kyle Dunn was my second cousin on my mother’s side.” His voice had
become more serious. “He was a good kid. No way did he kill
    Reese sighed. He felt bad for his friend.
“I’m sorry. That doesn’t mean you should go poking around. Leave it
to the watch.”
    Michael still glared at
    “ Fuck ,” Reese swore. “Fine I’ll help you
out. But we should wait till night. At least that’ll give us
cover.” Times like this made him wonder why he was friends with
Michael. “I have a class to get to. I’ll meet you at the main
office of Warded Spirals, alright?” Michael nodded.
    “ So who can name the three major factors
that led to the fall of Cartral skylord empire?” asked Professor
Nathanial Smith.
    Reese had the answer but he decided not
to put up his hand. He didn’t like answering questions, preferring
to ask them. History didn’t excite him as much as zoology, although
the course he was taking, History 115-Ancient Civilizations, was
better than most of his other history classes. Smith looked every
bit the stereotypical university professor, tweed jacket, balding
hair and a set of unfashionable, horn-rimmed glasses.
    Another student at the front of
the class put up a hand to answer the question. “Yes, Ophelia?” asked
the professor.
    “ Uh, the n atural disasters of Pelitai and
Ocranus, the agorid migrations of 970PF and…um,” she
    “ Two correct answers and
the third?”
    The student kept
stammering like she was thinking but she had no idea, Reese put up his
    “ Mr. Galius?” asked the
    “ The disastrous economic
measures implemented by King Tabo, which le ft the entire empire vulnerable,” he
replied. The answer was right in front of him, in the pages that
had been required reading from the previous class.
    “ Correct ,” replied Nathaniel. “In fact, that
is the main contributing factor to Cartral’s downfall. If the
empire had not been in such a weak position from the bursting
economic bubble and knee-jerk reactionary measurements to it, then
it could have been in a position to deal with the disasters and
    Cartral suffered similar troubles
throughout its history, but the culmination of all of these factors
happening in close succession was too much and the powerful skylord
kingdom was destroyed, which leads us to the next phase, the
skylord diaspora.”
    While the professor was talking and
putting up notes on this, Reese’s mind wandered to Michael’s
idiotic plans. By the time he finished this class it would be
getting dark, knowing Michael, he would start investigating without
waiting for him.
    If he hurried he could get over and stop
his friend from doing something stupid. He hoped he wouldn’t have

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