Infraction by K. I. Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Infraction by K. I. Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: K. I. Lynn
while I was gone?”
    “Nope.” I kept staring at him. He’d crack eventually. It was clear he was hiding something,
     and I could wait him out.
    “Shame you’re acting like a lunatic. Did you find some happy pills in the hallway
     on the way in? You better tell me…”
    “Well, I’m sure you’re bored out of your mind when you’re alone. Not to mention, how
     many times can you work on the puzzles in the paper, or play solitaire? I know your
     brain is fuzzy from the drugs and it’s hard to concentrate.” He was spot on there,
     but he, of all people, should know what it felt like.
    I blinked and swallowed. “Okay, so after you took the happy pills, did you tell the
     doctor with the ice pick you didn’t want a lobotomy? Why did you let him steal the
     one proper functioning part of your—”
    His arm reached around to his back pocket, the movement causing curiosity to cut me
    My eyes flew open when he pulled out a DVD from behind him.
    “Did you bring me porn?” My voice broke.
    “Not exactly…” He smirked and held the movie or whatever it was between his two flattened
    “Then what? Homemade porn?” That thought excited me.
    He rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Come on, do you think they’d let me visit again
     if I brought you something like that? Besides, I know you can look that stuff up on
     your phone.”
    “Hey!” I pursed my lips and gave a mock scowl.
    “It’s something I had to call around to find,” he said.
    “Goddammit, Thorne, you’re killing me here. What the hell is it?” I gripped the bars
     on the bed with my good hand and shook the frame a little for dramatic effect.
    It hurt a little, but it was worth it to watch him spring to action.
    “Honeybear! Don’t do that. Are you okay?” He inspected me, checked my IV and glanced
     over my arms, touching them as he went. It gave me chills at the same time my stomach
     flipped at his term of endearment. “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”
    I gave him a pitiful expression, then when he was distracted, snagged the DVD from
     his grip and stuck my tongue out at him.
    His jaw dropped, then he grinned and chuckled. “Brat.”
    “Asshole. That never seems to change—lobotomy and happy pills or not.” I inspected
     the case to find out what it was. My whole being stopped when I saw the front.
    The 1943 edition of Jane Eyre .
    “You know you like it,” he said, looming over me.
    “I…I don’t know what to say.”
    “Say thank you. That’s what I was told to say after my lobotomy.” He tapped his forehead.
    “Thank you. But how did you know?”
    It was my favorite of the classics I’d been forced to read in high school, and the
     only one I liked. I read it over and over and as I devoured the words, I felt like
     I was reading about myself in some ways. I could relate to Jane—she became my role
     model—and I hoped one day for my own Mr. Rochester.
    In my heart, I knew I’d found him in Nathan even if my heart hurt. I dared to hope,
     even with as angry as I was.
    “I have my ways.” He leaned over and kissed my temple.
    Normally, I would have glared at him for doing that, but I was speechless at his gift.
    “Teresa?” He confirmed my suspicion with a nod, pressing his lips together. “That
     woman…” I shook my head, still smiling. I was living with her when I first rented
     it from the library. She sat next to me when I watched it for the first time, and
     didn’t mind when I watched it again and again.
    “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our little unmentionable fetishes.” He
    I was pretty sure I knew all of his.
    “Well, fuck, if that’s what they teach you after lobotomies, maybe I need to get one,
     too.” I hugged the DVD to my chest. “Let’s keep this crazy to ourselves.”
    “I already told the nurses you’d want to be left alone tonight.”
    I grinned. I sure would.
    I tucked the case under the covers, the smile unable to leave my

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