InHap*pily Ever After (Incidental Happenstance)

InHap*pily Ever After (Incidental Happenstance) by Kim DeSalvo Read Free Book Online

Book: InHap*pily Ever After (Incidental Happenstance) by Kim DeSalvo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kim DeSalvo
They both smiled, remembering how Tia had first approached Dylan and told him
something along those lines. She too had questioned whether or not the man
sitting across from her at the little dive bar could actually be Dylan Miller.
It was his tattoo that had given him away, but if it weren’t for that
identifying symbol, would she have approached him at all? She thought not. “But
this is a game-changer,” he continued. “Now that you’re going to be out in the
open, they’re going to have to be a much more visible presence, at least for a
little while.”
                Tia shrugged.
It was just one more thing she’d have to get used to in her new life, and she
had much bigger things to worry about than a security detail. She greeted the
guard when she opened the door and offered him a slice of pizza, then she and
Dylan sat down to their little makeshift feast.

Chapter 3
                Tia hooked the
clasp on the purple bra and opened the door. The place was just as she
remembered, and she was beyond thrilled that Dylan had thought to get the same
room that they had stayed in the first time they’d made love. She never would’ve
guessed back in May that she’d be here again all these months later under such
different circumstances—she’d been so afraid that night that it would be the
last time she’d ever have with Dylan. She’d certainly changed a lot since that
evening, she thought as she grabbed the bottle of wine that sat chilling in the
silver bucket and two glasses. It was much too cold for the hot tub tonight, so
instead Dylan had started a fire in the gas fireplace and laid some blankets
and pillows out on the floor before it. He was sitting, shirtless, leaning
against the couch strumming absent-mindedly on his guitar, and she stopped to
just look at him for a moment and say a silent prayer of thanks that this
incredibly beautiful man had come back into her life. Tomorrow they might
belong to the whole world, but tonight, no one existed except each other, and
she had every intention of making the most of it.
                “Even better
than I imagined,” he said, looking appreciatively at her nearly naked body and
leaning the guitar against the couch. Tia poured the wine, handed him a glass,
and stretched out beside him.
                “Very happy to
exceed your expectations,” she purred, swirling her fingers through the soft
hair on his chest. 
                “About bloody
time we really get this reunion officially started,” he teased, pushing her
hair behind her ear and bringing his mouth down to meet hers. The kiss was
tender, soft, and left her wanting more. “A toast, then,” he smiled, touching
the rim of his glass to hers. “I don’t think there’s ever been anything I’ve
wanted to celebrate more than having you back in my life.”
and forever,” she smiled. “Do you have a new song to play for me?” 
                He grinned at
her and ran his gaze up her body. “Really?” he asked. “You come out here
dressed like that, and think I can concentrate on anything else but how
amazingly sexy you are?” He grabbed her ankles and pulled so that she was lying
before the fire and rolled atop her. “That’s for later,” he said, pressing his
body against hers and finding her mouth once again.
                The kiss
started tenderly; sweet and soft; but soon grew more insistent.  He moved to
her neck, the stubble of his thin beard tickling as he nibbled his way down to
her collarbone. She tilted her head back to give him more access, and he ran
his hands down the length of her body.
                Oh, how she’d
missed his hands! The rough callouses on his fingertips caressed her skin,
throwing shivers everywhere. She drew her breath in sharply as his fingers
swirled over her back, then over to her

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