Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate

Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate by Rachel E Rice Read Free Book Online

Book: Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his mate by Rachel E Rice Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel E Rice
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, new adult, romantic love
was the larger of the triplets and his coat was a different color, she sent him to his cave to ponder his behavior. The one he now resides in with the human of his dreams.
    H e smelled her scent as he continue to roll her nipples around his fingers and then he placed his hands between her closed legs. She opened them slowly to give him access to her bud. She relaxed in his arms and wide shoulders. Adrienne couldn’t resist him. He saw her eyes close and she began to moan. When he knew she was ready he raised her with his hand under her belly. And she braced herself on her hands and knees for the onslaught of his wonderful hard, full, large cock.
    Reaching and holding the large warm cock in her hands, she guided it into her moist opening. His cockhead rested at the tip of her folds and then she eased it into her quaking opening. With ease her opening adjusted to his body, he place a hand on the top of her wonderful buttocks and one under her stomach. Their rhythms matched. Raising his head to growl and bay at the moon, he remembered that he was in human form. He needed her body as much as Adrienne needed to be loved in a way that she had dreamed.
    Opening her buttocks, he slid his long tongue in to her quivering opening and made it moist and appealing. His eyes lingered to peer at her body and she felt his hard cock ease out of her opening and in between her legs. His tongue trailed down from the nape of her neck down her spine to the opening in her butt then without warning he broke through her walls and she had another orgasm. Breathing hard and fast she braced her body. He banged in and out until she heard the cry of excitement and satisfaction when his cock burst with warm fluid in her body.
    The orgasmic ritual went on all night with neither Adrienne nor Wilder asking for time out. Wilder amazed at her stamina, Adrienne amazed at how she enjoyed his body and the number of orgasms, and how much she could endure and call for more. Her desire for Wilder’s body—Insatiable.
    Wilder’s desire for Adrienne—unquestionable.

Chapter 5
    A drienne never felt a sense of sexual satisfaction with Paul. They met in high school and went off to college together. He had the notion that she would remain a virgin until they were married. Finally, Paul gave in to Adrienne wishes and it was then she knew it was a mistake. They had nothing in common, especially in bed. He scolded her for being too aggressive in their love making. She asked him for oral sex which he refused. However, amid the moans and groans, he was keen on her giving him lip service.
    Paul even accused her of encouraging his frat brothers when they attacked her. She needed ‘sexual satisfaction’ too often for his liking, he declared during their uneventful try at oral sex. “You should find you one of those animals out there who thinks of sex all day and night. They could give you what you want if you feel I can’t satisfy you,” he said and turned his back to her in bed. Then whirling around to meet her eyes, where his eyes fell to her naked body, he said, “No one and nothing can satisfy your cravings. You need your head examined.” And so it was that moment she decided to leave him, and she ended up in a cave with the animal that would satisfy her completely.
    A drienne woke the next morning, and Wilder reached over to touch his mate and caress her long flowing hair. She felt a delightful shiver leaping through her body. He had never wanted or desired another female the way he desire Adrienne, his instinctive response to her all intoxicating and baffling to him. Her body fit him so well, he wanted to spend his days and nights penetrating her until she couldn’t walk, and then he would spend that time lying with her soothing her, enjoying her conversations, just while away the day in sexual bliss. Her hold over him, more than the moon, which dictated his sexual life.
    He desired her all the time, every minute of the day.
    Adrienne turned and

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