Insurmountable (Serpentine #1)

Insurmountable (Serpentine #1) by Skye Callahan Read Free Book Online

Book: Insurmountable (Serpentine #1) by Skye Callahan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Skye Callahan
she came down. It wouldn’t be long. She moaned and her hips twitched and rocked erratically against her motions, and then, squeezing at my shoulders, finally her motions slowed.
    “Keep up, or stop,” I said, pressing at the plug in her ass.
    She whimpered and dropped her head, stilling on my engorged dick. I felt every twitch of her struggle to sit right there at the edge and not come.
    I reached into the bag and, although her head didn’t move, I could feel her watching me. My fingers closed around a small chain, and I pulled it clear of the bag. Weighted nipple clamps. A perfect addition.
    Her nipples were already erect and waiting, so I positioned one of the clamps over her right nipple, gave it a pinch, and then twisted the bolt to secure it. She groaned and twitched with the added sensation as I repeated the process on her left nipple. I released the chain to hang down, connected at the center with a small weight that would rock with her motions and pull on her delicate nipples.
    “Again,” I said.
    She lifted herself and returned to the pace I’d set earlier, but I could already feel her struggling to stay in control.
    I had to fight it too. I’d been waiting for this ever since I’d gotten her off in the elevator, and all the waiting and wanting was doing a number on my self-control.
    After a long shaky moan, she paused again. Her tight opening spasming around me and begging for final release.
    I reached into the bag again, but Alley closed her eyes. Instead of pulling out another toy, I dug the remote for the plug out of the side pocket and flipped it on high.
    Alley screamed and jerked, taking my cock even deeper in surprise. The intense pressure and vibrations almost sent me over the edge with her.
    “Fuck.” She arched her back and looked up at the ceiling. Every muscle straining to stay in control.
    I loved watching her like that. Seeing her realize that she couldn’t fight me. She couldn’t fight the intense sensations I gave her. I lifted her hips and pulled her down on me.
    “Master?” she squeaked. “Oh, please, Master. I can’t stop.”
    I forced her up and down—her light body so easy to manipulate however I pleased.
    She tightened, holding her breath.
    “Let it go,” I said, pulling her close and pushing my dick deep inside of her. I just held her there as her climax did all the work, squeezing my cock until I came deep inside of her.
    She dropped against my chest when the orgasm faded. I pulled out the plug, setting it to the side. Then sat her back so I could remove the clamps.
    She groaned, pain pinching around her eyes as the blood returned to her nipples, and I pulled the throw from the back of the couch, wrapping up her quivering body and holding her close to my chest.

Dream Forever, Never
    Hold me.
    All I wanted to do was be held. And suddenly there I was, wrapped in a blanket, exhausted from the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced and curled up in his lap with his warm arms around me.
    Even his punishments pulled me deeper under his spell muddling my sense of reality. The extreme culmination of emotions and endorphins burned my eyes with tears. Tears I refused to let fall.
    Never let them see you cry . But Miles already had. He’d already seen me at my lowest and for some strange reason, he seemed to want to pull me back up.
    Probably just to send me back to work.
    But even with the doubts nagging at me, I couldn’t resist him. He made me too weak. Weaker than I’d ever been. More vulnerable than I’d ever been. How long would the facade last? Days? Weeks? A month?
    I couldn’t fathom any time frame longer than that.
    How could it be possible?
    Miles carried me to bed, placed me under the sheets, and laid down next to me. So foreign. So strange.
    I couldn’t fight it. In fact, even though I knew better, I did just the opposite. I pressed my body closer to his, wanting his heat and comfort even though I expected rejection.
    Instead, consistent with the

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