Intensity by S. Briones Lim Read Free Book Online

Book: Intensity by S. Briones Lim Read Free Book Online
Authors: S. Briones Lim
determinedly. “Stop being so anxious! We aren’t going to get in trouble. Take a look at this place, it’s empty!” She gestured towards the narrow hallway. The cement floor, though ominous in theory, was like a red carpet in her mind. It was a path to the promised land; they were almost there!
    “But you’re obviously looking for a place that’s not empty,” Celine reminded her. “I can almost guarantee that any room with Intensity in it will be guarded heavily.”
    “They’re not the President or anything,” Ruthie argued, staring down the hallway.
    “Close enough! Either way, we came this far, can’t we just turn around now.”
    “No! Like you said, we’ve already come this far. I’m not about to waste all our efforts because my best friend is acting like a chicken shit.”
    Ruthie took a step forward, listening for any signs of life. Each footstep seemed to echo loudly down the hall and it wasn’t long until Ruthie’s mind began playing tricks on her. Having always hated horror movies, the situation reminded her of an old slasher film. She didn’t want to admit it to Celine, but even she was starting to feel a bit uneasy. Shaking off the disturbing feeling, she continued on and was relieved when she finally heard Celine’s footsteps running towards her. Her best friend caught up to her and the two slowly made their way towards the end of the hallway where yet another door stood.
    “I guess this is the way to the inside of the arena,” Celine breathed, frowning at the door.
    “Ready?” Ruthie asked, an anxious smile on her face.
    “Not really,” Celine admitted.
    Taking a deep breath, Ruthie opened the door and to her relief (and dismay) she heard people talking inside. Pausing for a moment, she turned to Celine. “It’s now or never.”
    “I choose never,” Celine muttered, though she stepped inside without a fight. Her stomach was in knots and she reminded herself to make Ruthie pay for it later.
    That’s when they heard it; a voice that sounded like a million angels. It was both masculine and musical at the same time. The voice began to laugh as it grew closer to them. Both women stopped dead in their tracks and gasped when they spotted Cash walking closer to them. Like a Greek god, all his movements seemed graceful and ethereal. When he was about twenty feet away from them, he looked up and caught Ruthie’s eyes, momentarily frowning. Suddenly an amused expression washed over his face. It wasn’t long before he flashed them his A-List smile.
    Ruthie opened her mouth, but couldn’t get a single word out. After all those years planning on what she’d say during their first meeting, she completely bombed it when the opportunity presented itself. At least she was faring better than Celine, who was busy making weird whimpering sounds behind her. As if the moment couldn’t get any better (or more horrifying), the rest of Intensity walked up behind Cash. They looked at the women questioningly, but luckily none of them seemed upset.
    “Hey!” a deep voice yelled from behind the women. They both turned their heads and to their horror spotted a security guard running towards them. As the heavy pounding drew nearer, the two friends glanced at one another, unsure of what to do next. They were really caught in a bind. They could either start running towards Intensity, however that didn’t seem plausible due to the fact the band apparently rendered them catatonic; or they could get carted away by the six foot four, heavy set man. He looked as if he could carry both women with little to no effort!
    “I told you that if you even tried to sneak in here again, I’d have you arrested!” the man yelled out angrily. His heavy breaths became louder as he approached them.
    “What are you talking about?” Celine gasped. Her lips began trembling automatically. Once again her fight or flight reaction kicked in heavily to flight. She threw Ruthie a desperate look.
    Finally finding her voice, Ruthie

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