Into the Dark

Into the Dark by Stacy Green Read Free Book Online

Book: Into the Dark by Stacy Green Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stacy Green
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Romance
crunched underneath Nathan’s boots. He nervously shined his light into the black water. Crawfish swam around his feet, probably on their way to the Las Vegas Wash. A mushy white glob looking suspiciously like used toilet paper floated by, and he focused his light away from the stream. Better not to know what he was stepping on.
    A loud splash ahead brought all three to a halt.
    “You hear that?” Johnson asked.
    “Sounds big.” Chris stepped in front of Johnson and raised his Glock.
    “Las Vegas SWAT,” Johnson shouted. “Identify yourself.”
    “Maybe it was an animal,” Nathan said.
    “That’s even worse than a junkie,” Chris said. “With my luck, Cujo’s
    man-eating cousin will show up and give me rabies.”
    “They have shots for that now.”
    “No shit, Sherlock.”
    A second loud splash was followed by the distinct sound of footsteps plodding through the water.
    “That’s no dog.” Chris sprinted after the runner with Nathan and Johnson closely following. The beams of their lights flashed haphazardly against the walls making the tunnel even more ominous.
    A strange brightness glowed several yards ahead of them. Their quarry came into view. He was too short and stocky to be their man, but he could have information.
    Chris tackled him just as the group emerged into the moonlight.
    “Get off me. I ain’t done nothing wrong!”
    “Settle down, then.” Chris yanked the man to his feet. “We just want to talk to you.”
    Nathan inhaled the semi-fresh air and looked around. They stood in an open-air channel, with tall, raggedy weeds and swarms of bugs. “Why’d you run?”
    “Don’t like cops.”
    “We’re not here to arrest you.” Johnson flashed his badge. “Las Vegas SWAT in pursuit of a fugitive. He tried to rob WestOne Bank this afternoon and nearly kidnapped a woman. You seen anyone suspicious tonight?”
    “Just me around here.”
    Nathan offered him a bottle of water. “What’s your name?”
    “Blaze.” He chugged the water and pointed to his bright red hair.
    “You noticed anyone out of the ordinary down here?” Nathan asked.
    “You’re kidding right, kid?” Blaze snorted. “No one down here is ordinary.”
    “Yeah, but you all know each other, right?
    “So has there been anyone around you didn’t know? You heard any stories about a guy sneaking around here, up to no good?”
    “People come and go all the time. Lot of ‘em are up to something. I don’t make it my business to find out what.”
    “Keep your eye out, will you?” Johnson asked. “You see anyone new, anyone running scared, call it in.”
    “Thanks for the drink.” Blaze disappeared back into the tunnel, tossing the empty plastic bottle into the water.
    “Look around.” Johnson waved his light across the channel. “On the off chance he came through here, maybe he left something.”
    The search of the drains continued past four a.m. but turned up empty. Nathan wasn’t surprised. The partner was too smart.
    “I’m burning these clothes.” Nathan tossed the Kevlar vest into the truck. His black T-shirt and fatigues stunk of sweat and the heavy stench of the tunnels.
    “God, yes.” Chris kicked a vest out of the way and sat down. “Then taking a shower in bleach.”
    “Adam’s at UMC,” Johnson said. “He’s out of surgery and stable. Nurse said we could see him for a few minutes.”
    “I’m sure the hospital will appreciate our stinking up the place.” Chris grinned and rubbed his hands together.
    Nathan hated hospitals. Their sterile walls contained too much pain and sorrow, and the unhappiness caused a surge of memories he’d rather bury. He went anyway. He wouldn’t desert his friend.
    Heads turned as they traipsed toward Adam’s room, still in uniform. Several nurses covered their noses.
    “I bet this doesn’t fit in with their cop fantasies,” Chris snickered.
    “He’s sedated,” the charge nurse said. “You only have a few minutes.”
    “Is he going

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