Involuntary Control (Gray Spear Society)

Involuntary Control (Gray Spear Society) by Alex Siegel Read Free Book Online

Book: Involuntary Control (Gray Spear Society) by Alex Siegel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alex Siegel
alone. If you find anything, call the rest of us. We'll check it out as a team. We don't know what's going on here, and that makes this situation dangerous, especially to rookies. OK?"
    Norbert and Smythe nodded.
    She placed sixty dollars on the table, probably way too much, but it didn't matter. "Let's go."
    She lifted her heavy shoulder bag. It held the weapons that were too big to hide under her clothes. The extra weight on one side made it hard to walk naturally, but she managed to pull it off.
    The three of them went outside and split up.
    She checked her appearance using a window as a mirror. For today's assignment she had chosen a yellow T-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. She looked like an ordinary housewife. A little dark makeup in the right spots made her appear worn down by life. Perfect, she thought.
    She headed north. The weather had cooled a little since yesterday, making it a nice day for an afternoon stroll. She would check a few addresses on foot before backtracking to her car.
    After walking two blocks, a strange sight made her stop. A man in a business suit was painting a house bright red. The color was shocking. He was rolling over everything, including windows, doors, and exterior lights. He didn't seem to care about the paint splattered all over his expensive suit.
    Two female neighbors stood a short distance away. They were whispering to each other and pointing.
    Marina was overcome with curiosity. She had more important things to do, but she walked over to the man anyway.
    "Hi there!" she said in a pleasant tone.
    "Hi." He whistled softly to himself as he painted.
    "That's an interesting color."
    "Thanks." He nodded. "It makes the house look cheerful."
    "It sure does. I noticed you're covering the windows too. Don't most people paint around the glass?"
    He furrowed his brow. "I have a lot of paint. There's no reason to skimp."
    "How much did you buy?"
    "Five hundred gallons. I had it shipped from Ohio, special order."
    She paused to contemplate that statement.
    He faced her. "Do you need anything? I hate to be rude, but I have a lot of painting to do, and I can't waste time with chit chat."
    "Are you feeling all right?"
    "I'm fine," he said. "Never better. It's a beautiful day."
    "Very true. I'll let you get back to work."
    She walked away. That guy is totally insane, she thought.
    She headed towards the two women nearby. One hurried off, but the other stayed to talk.
    "Hi!" Marina said.
    "Hello," the neighbor nodded. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.
    "What's the deal with that guy?"
    She shrugged. "I wish I knew."
    "Has he done stuff like this before?" Marina said.
    "No, he's the president of the bank. He's the most boring guy in town... until today. Have we met before? I don't remember seeing you around."
    "I'm Sandra." Marina shook the neighbor's hand.
    "So, this is the first time, eh? Was there any warning he would flip out?"
    "Not that I saw," Jane said, "but it's happened to other people. Are you new in town? You haven't heard the stories?"
    "I just drove in this morning to visit my mother."
    Jane leaned forward. "Yesterday, Mrs. Wilkins on Chestnut Road stuck her hand in her garbage disposal."
    "Is she OK?" Marina said with wide eyes.
    "No. She lost her whole hand and part of her arm. She would've kept going if her husband hadn't stopped her."
    "That's awful!"
    Jane nodded. "I think it's this fancy new fertilizer the farmers are using this year. I knew it smelled funny. Too much science isn't good for people."
    "You're probably right," Marina said seriously. "Why isn't the government doing something?"
    "I don't know."
    "Well, I'd better get going. My mom's waiting. Nice talking to you." Marina walked off. What the hell is wrong with this town?

Chapter Four
    Marina parked her car in front of a small house at the northern edge of Lemonseed near the highway. It had been a tedious and frustrating day. She was finally coming to the end of her list of addresses, several hours after she had

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