It Takes Two

It Takes Two by Erin Nicholas Read Free Book Online

Book: It Takes Two by Erin Nicholas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erin Nicholas
    He slid his fingers free, her disappointed gasp music to his ears. He waited until her eyes flew open to lift his hand to his mouth and lick his fingers.
    “I do love Kahlua,” he told her.
    “Come on, Iz. A girl doesn’t pour Kahlua in places she doesn’t want a guy to taste.” He moved to the end of the bar, leaned to grasp her hips and pulled her down where he could get at her. “After all, everyone knows that Kahlua goes best with cream.”
    She barely had time to gasp over his dirty insinuation before he put his mouth between her legs and took a nice, long, hard lick from bottom to top.
    He looked up and licked his lips. “Yep. I’m feeling a little intoxicated already.”
    She watched his tongue, her hands curling around the edges of the bar on either side of her. Yeah, she better hang on.
    He lowered his head again, not intending to lift it for a while. He licked, plunged, sucked and then started over again until she was babbling a bunch of words like “Shane”, “yes”, “more”, and “please” over and over. Finally he returned his fingers to the play, stroking two in deep with the little twist that would take her to the pinnacle. Then he sucked hard on her clit along with the twist and she came apart, crying out, arching up off the bar, her knuckles turning white where she gripped the wood.
    Finally she slumped back onto the surface and Shane moved back enough to push his sweatpants to the floor. He’d known it was her when he’d first heard her knock, so he hadn’t bothered with underwear.
    This wasn’t his first rodeo with Isabelle.
    It wasn’t the first booty call they’d had. Having her show up on his porch in the night wasn’t new.
    Covering herself in liquor on top of his bar was.
    He really loved that spontaneous, naughty, creative side of her.
    He climbed up onto the stool at the end of the bar and pulled Isabelle around, sliding her from the bar onto his lap.
    They were both clean and monogamous and Isabelle had been on the pill for a couple of years now, so they didn’t need to worry about condoms. She straddled his lap and immediately sank down on his aching cock.
    “God, yes,” he hissed as he buried himself to the hilt. “I’ve missed you so damned bad, Iz.”
    One hand rested on her hip and he threaded the other into her hair, cupping the back of her head in his palm. He brought her in for a hot kiss as she wiggled her feet up onto the top rung of the stool. Breaking the kiss, she leaned back, putting her elbows on the edge of the bar.
    “How about this?” she asked, using her legs and arms to raise and then lower herself on him.
    “Holy shit,” he breathed, gripping her hips. “Damn, Iz. Yes.”
    The view was spectacular, the sensations indescribable. Watching her body take him over and over while he felt the tight hot sheath milking him had him racing toward his climax far too soon.
    Reaching between them, his thumb found her clit as he reached up to roll a nipple between his thumb and finger.
    Isabelle’s head fell back, her hair falling to the bar behind her as she picked up the pace.
    Then Shane really had to hold on to avoid getting to the end without her. She looked gorgeous, completely open and free, taking what she wanted and reveling in it even as she offered her body up to him for his pleasure.
    “Isabelle, come for me, baby,” he urged as his body tightened. “You’re driving me crazy. I want you there with me.” He grabbed both her hips, bringing her down harder each time, his hips lifting to thrust deep and firm and fast.
    Her hands went to his shoulders, her fingers digging into his muscles as she gasped. “Yes, god, Shane, yes.”
    Moments later her muscles clenched hard and she cried out, her orgasm crashing over her and pulling Shane’s from him. He pressed her hips down tightly, holding her against him, wanting her to feel the hot wave and throbbing of his climax. It was all about her. He wanted her to feel

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