Jacob's Way

Jacob's Way by Gilbert Morris Read Free Book Online

Book: Jacob's Way by Gilbert Morris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gilbert Morris
Tags: Ebook
    â€œThat’s my brave girl!” Jacob took her hands and said, “Let us put ourselves into the hands of the merciful God.” He bowed his head and Reisa clung to his hands as he said, “O Master of the Universe, you are our hope in this dark hour. David once fled for his life, and when all earthly hope was gone, he said, ‘But thou, O L ORD , art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the L ORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the L ORD sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.’ O great and almighty God, keep thy servants safe as you kept David safe!”
    Reisa looked up and saw the faith in her grandfather’s fine eyes. Reaching up, she touched his cheek and whispered, “Salvation belongeth unto the L ORD : thy blessing is upon thy people.” She dashed the tears from her eyes, then gave him a gentle push, saying, “Go now, and when you return, all will be ready!”

    A sullen sun sent its dim beams through the single window of the room, and suddenly everything seemed unbearably sad to Reisa. She was alone, for her grandfather was already outside supervising the loading of the trunks onto the small wagon that they had hired to take their luggage to the coast. Reisa had sorted through their possessions hastily, but deciding what to take and what to leave was hard for her. There was a terrible sense of finality about everything, for she was saying farewell to the only life she’d ever known.
    Now standing in the room she had lived in all her life, her throat grew thick, and she had to blink to keep the tears away. She ran her gaze around the room. Poor as it was, it was home to her. I’ll never sleep in that bed again—I’ll never cook another meal on my stove—I’ll never watch my grandfather sit beside the window and read…
    â€œReisa, we’re ready.”
    The sound of her grandfather’s voice brought Reisa to herself, and she tightened her lips, then turned to leave the tiny house for the last time. Picking up the carrier that held Boris, she stepped outside and found her grandfather standing beside the wagon.
    Adrik Meshone, the driver whom they had hired to convey them to the coast, was already in the seat. “You’re taking that cat to America?” he demanded.
    â€œYes.” Reisa could not say another word, and for a moment stood there as if paralyzed.
    â€œIt’s time to go, my dear,” Jacob said gently.
    â€œI know.” Reisa climbed up into the wagon and sat down holding tightly to the carrier. Jacob followed more slowly, and when he was seated, nodded to the driver. “All right, Adrik.”
    The driver spoke to the horses, who leaned forward with a protesting groan. He wheeled the team around, and the hard frozen earth crunched under the rims of the wheels.
    When they had gone a short distance, Reisa turned around, holding Boris tightly to her breast. She took one last look at the plain, rather dilapidated house, and her spirit seemed to grow weak. “Good-bye, house,” she whispered, pressing her face against Boris’s fur. She could say no more, for the enormity of the undertaking overwhelmed her.
    Jacob did not turn back. He set his jaw and said nothing. The two of them sat holding on as the wagon lurched over the uneven, frozen ruts.
    Reisa glanced at the two small trunks containing all their earthly possessions, and Jacob caught her eye. “It’s sad when you compress all of your life into two small trunks,” he murmured.
    Reaching over, Reisa took his hand in both of hers. They were both wearing gloves, for the weather was still freezing, but she squeezed his hand, saying as cheerfully as she could manage, “ Zaideh , God will be with us.” She looked down at her hands and asked quietly,

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