Jahleel by S. Ann Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Jahleel by S. Ann Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: S. Ann Cole
Tags: Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, New Adult & College
a second thought.
    I wanted to hear none of it. I was overwhelmed, I was underwhelmed, I was confused, I was aroused, I was a fucking mess.
    I was someone, someone dammit! With a name and millions. My crap, I needed to get it together. How did I get Jahleel to notice me, to want me, to come at me like Chad did?
    For the most part, he went from polite to arsehole to professional to arsehole again. He wasn’t constant, which made it hard for me to know if he was feeling me or not. With his variable persona, I didn’t want to flirt to end up embarrassed and pathetic if he rebuffed me.
    Flicking the butt of my last cigarette to the ground, I tossed a handful of Tic Tacs in my mouth and sucked them until they melted, getting rid of the horrid tobacco scent before I turned and re-entered the building, the chit chattering following behind. I swear these girls never stopped talking. They talked about everything, and it all ended up meaning absolutely nothing.
    Me, I wasn’t big on talking. I did better with expressions and actions. The most people heard from Saskia was during my interviews where I was required to talk or when I was in the studio— where I loosened up and went wild.
    As we entered the dancing room again, my mood took a nosedive for the worse—a mood I couldn’t point my finger on; maybe anger, maybe jealousy, maybe irritation, maybe frustration… not sure. But I knew for sure I was glowering.
    Jahleel stood in the middle of the room with a petite blond. She couldn’t be more than five feet one, with a wicked low haircut and a smile that shined brighter than a bonfire on a camping night. Her lips were impossibly red and her eyes were an unusual shade of blue.
    If Jahleel hadn’t been looking down at her with a softened expression on his face, I wouldn’t have felt threatened. But, that look…
    It wasn’t the look he’d given me in the mirror earlier, and it wasn’t the look he’d given Water Girl. No, that was a different look: one of longing, warmth, tenderness and, dear God, love . The expression transformed his countenance to an extent where no one would ever believe an arsehole existed behind that face.
    No, no, no, no, no!
    I thought…I thought he wasn’t attracted to blonds. My hair, my lovely blonde hair, I dyed it raven black for this dude! Have kept it raven ever since. So much so, that not many people didn’t know I was actually blonde and not raven-haired. Most people thought raven was my real hair colour. Now he was dating, and possibly in love with, a blond?
    God, I wanted to kill myself. Such an idiot. When would I regain my senses? I needed him to give me back all he’d fucking stolen from me—my heart, my brain, my common sense, my strength—so I could move on living my fabulous life of being rich and famous, and stop dogging around over some dude who’ll probably never notice me.
    Gaining a bit of resolve, I marched towards them, making no effort to conceal my irritation as I narrowed my eyes on Little Miss Blondie. I planned on being a complete bitch, I did well at that sometimes, but before I could get a snarky word out, Jahleel asked, “Ready to go again? Or do you have another pack of cigarettes you got to empty?”
    Dragging my glower from Little Miss Blondie, I looked at him and my resolve shattered into smithereens as another piece of my heart chipped off and floated towards him. He was wet with sweat as if he’d been dancing during my extended smoking break, and strands of his hidden hair peeped out of his beanie.
    God, he was so much, so amazing, so wanted, needed, so desired. By me.
    In the midst of my lusting, I noted something had changed in his eyes and in his voice when he asked me that question; it made me prefer the arsehole part of him more than this part. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but he seemed bitter, irritated, and inexplicably pissed—maybe at me or at himself, I couldn’t tell.
    Inhaling deeply, I contemplated asking him what I did wrong, why

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