Jason's Salvation

Jason's Salvation by Kiera West Read Free Book Online

Book: Jason's Salvation by Kiera West Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kiera West
Tags: Romance
succeed, especially since they seem to have no idea what or who you are. Unless someone tells them.”
    He cocked his head. Simone was a woman who always tried to barter her silence. She had tried once or twice with him, but had failed. He had a feeling she was about to step it up a notch.
    “What is it you want, Simone?”
    She stepped closer and the scent of her tickled his nostrils. “I have told you before what I want.”
    She slid her hand up his arm, and it took all his power not to lose his breakfast. Yes, the woman had no morals, and for some reason, she wanted him. Her brother had been his father, and the slut wanted to fuck him. It would not take much for him to kill her. She was tiny. When he was a wolf, the way he let most of the other shifters see him, he would not have stood a chance. Even though wolves were more powerful. But now, he was in his true form, and every time he was, she would come on to him. It was a nuisance he wasn’t in the mood for anymore.
    “I told you before, Simone, I do not want to have anything to do with you. For God’s sake, I am your nephew, and besides, you are too old for me.”
    She dropped her hand as her smile faded. “Truly, you think I am too old for you? I am five years younger than that bitch of a mother, and I know what she liked to do with you.”
    Anger surged and he felt the need to hurt. He fought it back. He needed to control himself before he lost it all and killed her.
    “You know nothing of my mother and I.”
    She laughed, and the sound of it was so close to his mother’s, it chilled him to the bone. “You keep telling yourself. My own brother caught you once, when you were just fifteen, right? Isn’t that why he left her? Your mother was a tramp from the time she could spread her legs. She would do any kind of creature, human or otherwise.”
    Rage filled him and he stepped closer to her. He grabbed her around the neck and pulled her up off the ground. It was easy to do, since he was over six five and she was barely five and a half feet tall.
    “I grow sick of your threats and the way you disparage my mother. You are not worth the trouble.”
    He held her there, watching the life drain out of her, and felt his power surge. She struggled for only a few more moments, grabbing at his hands, before she finally, slowly, went limp. He tossed her onto the snow. It was not enough to satisfy his need for the kill. He needed something more, something more painful.
    He turned his back to her for a moment and looked through his binoculars. Dillon was a speck on the landscape, probably going back to that bitch they all sniffed after.
    He faced Simone, and felt nothing. Nothing but the need for blood, for carnage, but she would not be enough. He was sure of that.
    But he would use her and then leave the rest for scavengers. It was what the bitch deserved.

Chapter Six
    The silence that followed Jason’s explanation was almost deafening. He couldn’t read anyone’s face. His cousins and brothers were being their usual stoic selves. What bothered him was Eve’s reaction. Over the last year he had gotten to know her well enough that she usually showed every emotion on her face. Now, there was nothing. Her expression was as blank as a doll’s.
    “So, you thought you might be a killer but you said nothing to us?” Max asked.
    Well, now that he said it like that, it sounded stupid. Of course, it did. They would never see him that way, even if he were a killer. He nodded, feeling like a fool.
    “Of all the jackass things to do,” Rand said. “Didn’t you think that if you were a killer, you were putting us all at risk? If you were not in control of yourself, being here in the house with us and with Eve put us at risk.”
    Then, everyone started to talk. Eve was sitting beside Noah. They, along with Jason, were the only ones not talking. Finally, Noah stood and walked over to him.
    “You were always too smart for your own good. Your own father said you think too

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