Just a Number

Just a Number by A. D. Ryan Read Free Book Online

Book: Just a Number by A. D. Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. D. Ryan
pace is agonizing, and once my jeans have fallen from the bed, his hand moves up my inner thigh until his fingers find my sensitive flesh, wet with my need for him.
    As his fingers move back and forth, in and out, I’m breathing pretty heavily, my pulse is racing, and I’m fighting the urge to wrap my legs around him and pull him to me. While I’ve had plenty of healthy relationships and enjoyed sex over the years, I’ve never quite felt this way. There’s something about Owen that excites me in a way I’ve never experienced; he calls to me like no other man ever has.
    I whimper when he pulls his hand from between my thighs, but am soon rejoicing when he settles between my legs again, and the tip of his erection rests against my leg. My legs move up instinctively, positioning our bodies, and my heels dig lightly into his ass to coax him forward. All of a sudden, his eyes widen, and he freezes.
    “What is it?” I ask, worried that he’s having second thoughts, then wondering if maybe I should be. “Did you... change your mind?”
    “What?” He sounds incredulous, and his eyebrows furrow in disbelief. “Not at all. It’s just...I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen. I don’t have any condoms.”
    “I’m on the pill,” I assure him with a smile, trying again to pull him forward.
    He remains unmoving. “And my wife just cheated on me.”
    Shit just got serious. “So this is one of those scenarios where ‘no glove, no love’ really does apply, huh?”
    He groans, clenching his eyes shut. “I’m afraid so.”
    An idea starts forming in my mind. It’s a little messed up, but I’m feeling pretty desperate and a little bit drunk, so I don’t think Owen would object as long as I don’t go into too many details. I bite the bullet and decide to tell him. “I think I know where some are. Wait right here.”
    The knowledge of what I’m about to do may stay with me to my grave, but I shove it from my mind and quickly run into my father’s room after pulling my robe on. I’m in luck—and equally disturbed—to find what looks like a pretty new and open box of condoms in the drawer, and when I reemerge with the all-important foil in hand, Owen smiles, reaching out and pulling me back to him.
    “Thank god,” he exhales as he rips the robe from my body and worships me with his mouth and tongue for a few minutes.
    When he takes the condom from me, I lie back on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows so I can watch him roll the rubber over his stiff length. Once it’s in place, he repositions himself between my thighs, his hands moving from my knees to my thighs and pulling me toward him until we are aligned. Bringing one of his hands inward, his thumb brushes my swollen clit, and my hips buck against his touch. The up side to being with an older man: he knows his way around a woman’s body. If I’m not careful, he’ll ruin me for all future relationships.
    He wastes no time easing his way inside of me until his hips rest flush against the back of my thighs. The sensation of him inside makes me moan, and I reach above me to grip the headboard as he pulls back and thrusts forward a little harder. Every muscle in my body begins to tighten in preparation of my release. I’m so lost in the moment that I don’t notice him lower his face to my tits until his mouth is on one and his hand is cupping the other. He pinches one, and sucks, licks, and nips the other, bringing me closer to my orgasm. His hips move faster, forcing the waves of my release to crash down all around me until I’m crying out his name. Bringing my hands back to his shoulders, I coax him back up my body to kiss him deeply, and his hips stutter and jerk against me, thrusting deep inside me once more as he comes before collapsing on top of me.
    We lie in silence, basking in what just happened, before I look down at him. “So,” I say quietly. “Any regrets?”
    Owen chuckles, raising his head and kissing my sternum. “Not a

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