Just the Messenger
    “Let’s just say we’ve…worked together before.”
    She sighed softly, totally hypnotized by his gaze. She could not believe this was happening. In ten minutes she had gone from trying to shoot someone to being caressed by the two most attractive men she had ever seen. She wanted to bolt, but the sensations running through her body kept her glued in place in fascination. Marco’s glance shifted, and his sculpted shoulders heaved as he acknowledged the stormy-eyed male behind her.
    She felt a coldness tickle her most private area and pulled away instinctively.
    “Hush, now,” Gene said softly, applying even more lube before tossing a condom to Marco. “We had to know what you were capable of. We needed to test your limits. When you leave on this mission, knowing what you can do will help us save your life if need be.”
    “But what will happen when you’re through with me? When the mission is over?” Grace had to ask the question through gritted teeth as Marco’s tip pushed up into her. Her body tensed, and she had a fleeting moment of fear. She needed to get out of here. Hot or not, these two were lethal, and they would kill her. If not now, later. Not to mention she’d never had sex with two men at once before. She was fairly certain she would only just be able to handle one of them. Still, the sensations of both were driving her wild, driving her beyond herself.
    As Gene entered from behind, her world went black with only sparks lingering on the edge of her peripheral vision. The only things that existed were the two cocks dueling for dominance within her. The groaning, pulsing men pushing rhythmically in and out of her, barreling toward climax.
    Marco took her breast in his hand, adding teasing touch to the sensations ripping through her.
    “Does it matter what happens when we’re through?” he whispered.
    She managed to shake her head. “No. Just fuck me.”
    The words coming from that bow-shaped mouth nearly pushed Marco over the edge right then and there. He felt Gene’s cock thrusting toward his through Grace’s body and imagined the rosy length of it pushing into his asshole, shocking his nerve-endings, nerve-endings that hadn’t been touched in many months. Since the operation had begun, Marco hadn’t had time for dating.
    As if reading his mind, Gene stretched his arms across the dark-haired beauty between them and opened Marco’s cheeks, slicking a finger through him, teasing the soft fuzz of hair there. Grace raked a hand down his torso, stopping where their bodies met for just a moment before tracing their connected outline below his abdomen and fingering his sac gently, lovingly, wrenching a groan from his lips as the orbs tightened and raised at her touch.
    He fisted his hand in her hair, pulling her face to his and drank of her, opening her, suckling her tongue before exploring the deepest recesses of her mouth. She writhed against him, craning her neck to allow him full access, and Gene slipped a finger into his hole, causing him to jolt with sudden pleasure. Marco broke from Grace’s mouth to place an appreciative bite on Gene’s tensed shoulder. He licked his way down the other man’s muscled arm to his free hand and slipped the thumb into his mouth, sucking on it in rhythmic washes of his tongue until he could feel the blond spy quaking behind Grace.
    Their librarian surprised them both by coming in a flash of screams and moans, her entire body clenching, tightening around them. Marco heard Gene’s guttural pleasure as his eyes lost their focus, and he felt his own cum racing up his length from the depths of his balls, shooting out in long spurts, over and over again, until he was totally spent.
    Sinking down into a pile of satisfied limbs, Marco suppressed a laugh as Grace looked up at the door in alarm.
    “Won’t people…”
    Gene hushed her. “Honey, you think I didn’t take care of that? Even if anyone heard us, which they didn’t since these walls are

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