Ken Russell's Dracula

Ken Russell's Dracula by Ken Russell Read Free Book Online

Book: Ken Russell's Dracula by Ken Russell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ken Russell
seven feet from
the ground, giving onto the courtyard where a good deal of activity sounds to
be in progress. Gripping hold of the ledge, Jonathan manages to haul himself up
sufficiently to peer through the grill.
    Two large carts are being loaded
with the boxes from the crypt, which are now all sealed and judging from the
exertions of the gypsies, loaded with earth. Even as he watches, the leading
cart pulls away through the gateway and over the drawbridge escorted by Gypsy
Bandits on wild ponies.
    JONATHAN releases his grip, drops
to the floor and makes for the door leading to the spiral staircase. It has
apparently shut itself. Despite all his efforts it refuses to budge. Instead,
another door opens in the far wall revealing the THREE VAMPIRE GIRLS in their
flowing robes beckoning Jonathan toward their hungry embrace. Almost in a
trance, Jonathan moves towards them like a willing victim. The vampires smile
in lustful anticipation and reveal their pointed teeth eager to sink once more
into human flesh.
    But their smiles vanish as Jonathan
kicks one in the stomach with all his force, and delivers a powerful swinging
punch to the jaw of another. An even bigger surprise follows as Jonathan is
sent flying through the air to land in a heap in the corner. Not only are the
vampires unharmed, but their monstrous strength had proved more than a match
for a mere human. As they begin to move in for the kill, Jonathan’s next action
is one of a desperate man. Taking the rosary from his neck, he wraps it round
his fist like a knuckle-duster and leaps up at the foremost vampire. WHACK!
This time the connec- tion is holy and the monster crashes into her companion
spitting blood and broken teeth. By the time they have recovered, Jonathan has
hung the crucifix in the doorway of their room and entered it, leaving the holy
talisman of faith to hang like a shield between himself and the cheated
    Pictures and sculptures glorifying
love decorate this amazing grotto inset with precious stones glittering in the
candlelight. But all this is merely a setting for the bizarre collection of
lovers sitting on thrones, reclining on cushions, or merely propped against the
walls. Lovers in peasant costumes and in uniforms of soldiers, statesmen, kings
and emperors attired in styles ranging over a period of 500 years - all dead,
sucked dry, withered and mummified.
    Jonathan takes in this macabre
museum to dead love with one horrified glance. His prime concern is to escape
and to that end he runs towards a partially open door leading to the failing
daylight. He throws it open and almost steps into space. Beneath him is a drop
of several hundred feet into the swirling river. Behind him, the uncertain terrors
of the howling vampires. Before him, possibly a broken neck, possibly escape.
He jumps; and plummets into the river. Widening circles mark his point of
    As it recedes from CAMERA it
becomes clear that we have been observing a stencil on Dracula’s casket being
lifted high in the air.
    A steam ship of some five thousand
tons is loading cargo, including Dracula’s consignment of boxes. As the last
one is hoisted aboard and lowered into the hold the BOATSWAIN signs a receipt
watched by the GYPSY DRIVER.
    Received: Fifty crates
    o’ clay exported Varna to
    the port of Southampton,
    England. As if there weren’t
    enough there already. Talk
    about carrying coals to
    Newcastle. There you are,
    Dad, back to your crystal
    He hands the uncomprehending gypsy
the receipt, then runs up the gangplank as the carts rumble off along the
    close shot: The Ship’s Hooter
sounding two blasts. Steam fills the frame.
    INSERT: Close

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