Kiera Hudson & The Lethal Infected

Kiera Hudson & The Lethal Infected by Tim O'Rourke Read Free Book Online

Book: Kiera Hudson & The Lethal Infected by Tim O'Rourke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tim O'Rourke
he likes pretty girls, so that counts me out,” I smiled back at Murphy.
    Looking straight back at me, he said, “Don’t play too hard to get, Kiera Hudson, Potter likes a challenge – he likes danger. That’s what he likes about Sophie.”
    “Is Sophie dangerous?” I asked, a little confused.
    “Humans and Vampyrus don’t mix,” Murphy said. “Sure, we live amongst them, and we’re not the only creatures that do so, but we keep to ourselves. We don’t go looking for trouble.”
    “And Potter does?” I asked, although I already knew the answer.
    “Do bears like to shit in the woods?” Murphy said, getting up and limping back across the office toward the kettle. “Want another cuppa?”
    “No thanks,” I said, glancing down into the first mug of tea he had made me. The curdled milk had now formed a white layer of what looked like scum over the top of the tea. I looked away.
    “So does Sophie know what Potter is?” I asked.
    With his back to me as he refilled his mug, Murphy said, “It ain’t nothing to do with me.”
    Sensing that I wasn’t going to get any more information about the state of Potter’s and Sophie’s relationship from Murphy, I changed the subject. Taking another deep breath but needing to know the answer to my next question, I said, “You told me that you felt an immediate connection between you and Potter, even though you couldn’t remember knowing him before waking up in the back of the police van. Did you feel the same about the others that got sent here to The Creeping Men?”
    “Just the ones that were like me – not entirely human,” he said, turning and heading back across the office with another mug of steaming tea. He sat in his chair again, wincing at the pain in his hip as he lowered himself into it.
    “Did you feel a connection with Kayla Hunt and Isidor Smith?” I dared to ask him.
    “How do you know his name?” Murphy quizzed. 
    “You told me,” I lied.
    “No, I told you the girl’s name,” he reminded me.
    “Okay, I went snooping,” I confessed, trying to look as coy as I could. “I was looking for an empty locker. I came across some stories with the name Isidor Smith on the front.”
    There was a long pause as Murphy sat looking – inspecting me. Eventually his stern look broke into a half smile. “He certainly liked to write stories,” Murphy said. “I read one once. Couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Some soppy love story about a girl with bright pink hair who was covered in tattoos. All a bit fucked up if you ask me. But then again, the kid did used to wander around the place like his head was stuck in the clouds. But saying that, he was pretty good in a fight and a whizz with a crossbow. He used to wear these crucifixes about his neck. Potter used to take the piss and call the boy Madonna.”
    I felt my eyes suddenly sting with tears as I heard Murphy talk about my friend Isidor. “Where is he now?” I asked.
    “He went away,” Murphy said again.
    I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer to my next question but I had to ask. “And what about the girl, Kayla?”
    “She went with Isidor. They were brother and sister,” Murphy said.
    “What was she like?” I asked, just wanting to hear about my friend all over again as if it helped to keep her alive in my heart.
    “Real pretty like,” Murphy smiled to himself, as if remembering someone he had once cared very much about. “Her temper was as fiery as the colour of her hair. She didn’t put up with any of Potter’s shit. He’d met his match there. They were always bitching and fighting. But I could tell they were fond of each other. She didn’t like Sophie much either.”
    “Why not?” I asked.
    “Perhaps it was because she was human? Perhaps there was something more to it? I can’t be sure,” Murphy said. “But it was a shame Kayla went, because just like her dopey brother, she was good in a fight. Vicious little fucker when she wanted to be. I could tell she got a real kick

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