Killing the Carnations (A Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery)

Killing the Carnations (A Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery) by Cindy Bell Read Free Book Online

Book: Killing the Carnations (A Heavenly Highland Inn Cozy Mystery) by Cindy Bell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cindy Bell
something doesn't fit. If he really was planning to murder Charleston, why did he wait until they got here? And why not arrive with a more effective weapon than a corkscrew?”
    “ That's a good point,” Vicky tapped her chin lightly as she considered his words. “It seems much more like a crime of passion than a planned assault,” as her mind drifted back to the crime scene, she recalled what she had thought of earlier. “One other thing, Mitchell,” Vicky added in a lower voice. “Just how did the murderer get out of the room? It took all of my strength to force that door open to get in. So how did he get out?”
    “ We're looking into that,” Mitchell nodded. “Maybe through the window and onto the balcony. The crime techs are evaluating the scene right now.”
    “ I'll go talk to Henry,” Vicky nodded. “Let me know if there's anything else you need.”
    “ Oh, be on the lookout for Charleston's fiancée, she's been roaming around here half-drunk and very angry,” Mitchell warned. “She hasn't been ruled out as a suspect either Vicky, so please be very careful.”
    “ I am, I promise,” Vicky leaned up and pecked his cheek lightly. Mitchell blushed at the kiss and smiled.
    Vicky headed for the kitchen, but when she got there she found the door was closed and locked. This didn't surprise her as it was getting late and room service was only offered until certain hours. What did surprise her was that when she looked through the small glass rectangle window in the door, Henry was not inside. He usually spent a little extra time after the kitchen was closed either preparing dishes for the next day, or experimenting with a new recipe. Perhaps all of the police activity had scared him off. If that was the case then Vicky was sure she could find him in the sta ff quarters.
    They offered rooms at very cheap prices to the staff. This partly off-set the cost of their salaries and was also a great benefit for the employees as they had no commuting time. They also had access to all the amenities, such as the pool, the gardens, the kitchen, and the large banquet room. It made the employees of the inn feel more like a family to Vicky and Sarah, than just people on the payroll, and that's how they preferred it. As she walked down the narrow path through the gardens that led to the staffs’ quarters she thought once more about the crime scene.
    She was certain that there was something she had overlooked in the room. Something had to explain how the murderer had left the room. She was so distracted that she found herself walking to the wrong door. She didn't realize it, until she heard noises coming from inside. She stood frozen with her hand poised to knock on the door as she listened to the unmistakable sounds that were drifting through the thick wooden door. It was moaning, but not of a fearful kind. She could also hear Emily's voice.
    “Oh, Jeremy,” she moaned.
    Vicky's eyes widened at what she was hearing. She tried to convince herself that maybe she was just misinterpreting, but there was no questioning it when she heard further evidence.
    She quickly lowered her hand and tried to decide what to do. Emily knew that fraternising with the guests was frowned upon, but they weren't terribly strict abou t it. People often came to the inn looking for romance, so it wasn't that surprising if they found it with one of the staff members. But this wasn't just any guest, this was Jeremy Minkle, CEO of Ballant Industries, and the man who had threatened to destroy the inn with a lawsuit. She wondered if Emily knew about that. Before she could decide what to do, she heard her name called.
    “ Vicky, are you looking for me?” Henry asked as he walked towards her. Vicky's eyes grew even wider as she heard the sounds come to an abrupt stop inside of Emily's room. She hurried away from the door and tugged Henry into his room which was right beside Emily's.
    “ Did you know that Emily was dating Jeremy Minkle?” she asked in a

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