Kiss in the Dark

Kiss in the Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure Read Free Book Online

Book: Kiss in the Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marcia Lynn McClure
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Contemporary
past Danielle to Vance, still standing there displaying ridiculous muscles and brushing his teeth.
    “Good night, Vance,” she said.
    He nodded and turned toward the bathroom.
    “Call me after you get home tomorrow,” Danielle said. “You’re going to have a great time!”
    “I hope so,” Boston said. “Bye.”
    As Boston walked to her car, she glanced up into the starry night sky. The breeze was warm, and everything was still. The crickets were chirping, and it soothed her further. Steph would be in bed when she got back to the apartment. It was her routine—get mad at Boston and tell her to leave, then act like nothing had ever happened and go to bed. Boston was glad of it, however, for she had no desire to talk to Steph one more second that day.
    Inhaling a deep breath, she breathed out slowly, calming herself. She would think about Logan—dream about their planned date to go golfing. She couldn’t wait! She’d have the whole day with him, a whole day without Steph. Sure, she had to start making plans about what to do with her stuff until she figured out exactly what to do, but she wouldn’t worry about it anymore until she’d had her day with Logan West.
    Boston got into her car, reached over, opened the glove compartment, and retrieved a chocolate Tootsie Pop. She popped the sucker in her mouth, turned the key in the ignition, and headed for home. The flavor of the candy in her mouth was delightful! She thought about Vance teasing her about sharing Danielle’s extra bedroom with him. He was a funny guy. Funny and ripped! She shook her head, for she knew that no matter what Danielle said about her brother’s character, Stephanie Crittendon had chosen Vance Nathaniel to be her mate, and Vance Nathaniel was about to be forced into a high-speed chase like nothing he’d ever seen on COPS . She thought again of how handsome and built Vance was—about the fact he was a zoo exhibits curator.
    It suddenly seemed too ironic that Steph would look to Danielle’s brother as her selection of “mate”—Vance, who would soon be working as part of the city zoo staff. A vision of a gorilla, a female gorilla named “Stephanie,” popped into Boston’s mind. She giggled at her mind’s illustration, thinking Steph’s temperament would probably be a lot easier to deal with if her soon-to-be ex-roommate were a primate in one of Vance’s zoo exhibits.
    Chapter Three
    Golfing with Logan had been fabulous! Not that Boston did well—her score was actually pretty pitiful, but so was Logan’s. Though the golf scores weren’t anything to brag about, the company, the beauty of the day, and the experience were wonderful. After they’d finished golfing, everything just got better. Logan took Boston to lunch, to a movie, and then to dinner. They’d spent nearly sixteen hours together! Boston couldn’t think of a time she’d spent sixteen hours on a date—it was incredible.
    Now, as Boston sat in Logan’s Volvo on their drive home, she sighed—entirely satisfied with the way her second date with Logan had turned out. He’d asked her if they could do something together again soon, and she’d said yes, of course.
    Still, as Logan turned into Boston’s apartment complex, anxiety washed over her. Steph. It was only nine o’clock, and Boston knew Steph was home—knew she’d continue to be a brat, the way she had the night before when Boston had told her she was moving out. Oh, it wasn’t like Steph gave Boston the silent treatment or anything—though Boston wished she would. Instead it had been incessant whining and self-absorbed pity parties from the minute she’d returned from Danielle’s until Steph finally let Boston get to bed at two a.m. At that moment, Boston realized just why she was so tired so early in the evening. Five hours of sleep, followed by eighteen holes, lunch, a movie, and dinner—it was a miracle she had any energy left at all. What little she did have would be immediately drained

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