Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3

Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3 by Crista McHugh Read Free Book Online

Book: Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3 by Crista McHugh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crista McHugh
seemed slower and less powerful than it had when he’d left Daniela. “I swear upon the cross that it’s true.”
    More words in ancient Gaelic, some of which had to be curse words based on the tone. “Who caused it?”
    “So I have to blame a person for my newest malady?”
    Another pause. “Shit! It’s Daniela, isn’t it?”
    “Is this due to some spell she might have cast on me?”
    “No, no, no.” A heavy sigh came from the other end of the phone. “Part of me wants to tell you to stay the hell away from her, but you’re right. Only I can understand what you’re going through.”
    “Please tell me it will go away as soon as she leaves.”
    “Maybe, but you’ll always crave her. And if you taste her blood—”
    “That won’t even be an issue. I’m above such things. I’ve trained myself not to give in to that temptation.”
    “Are you certain you’ll be able to resist her?”
    Luc rubbed his forehead. How close did he get less than an hour ago when his fangs dented the skin over her jugular? “I have resisted her so far.”
    “You think you’re unbreakable?” More laughter. “I remember when I used to feel that way. Then I met Jack.”
    “And you went on living without him. This is nothing for me to worry about, then?”
    “On the contrary, it is something to worry about. She’s the reincarnation of your soul mate.”
    He snorted. “I don’t believe in any of that nonsense. Besides, I’ve never loved any woman, not in all my 647 years.”
    “Maybe not in this life, but in the one prior—”
    “I’m not even going to indulge this ridiculous conversation further.” He straightened up in his chair. His pulse pounded in his forehead, heating his skin and causing sweat to bead up around his hairline. “I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll take Daniela to where the staff is hidden. Until then, my dear Morwen, au revoir .”
    He clicked the phone closed just before the waiter placed the glass of wine in front of him. Soul mate? What nonsense! It was all drivel that gypsies tried to fool idiots into believing. He was a man of God. When people died, their souls went to their final judgment. They weren’t reborn again into new bodies.
    Another lurch in his chest reminded him that perhaps everything he’d been taught by the Church could be wrong. After all, he was technically dead, yet his soul remained trapped in an ageless body, eternally damned on this earth. He rubbed his chest, hoping it would ease the ache building inside. This state of undeath was never mentioned in the Bible.
    He exchanged his phone for a small tin in his pocket and added a few pinches of the dark, rust-colored powder to his wine. Another trick he’d learned from Morwen. Adding dried blood made any human food seem palatable. It helped him pass for one of them.
    “I see you already ordered for me.” Daniela lowered herself into the chair across the table. Her tousled hair and flushed skin reminded him of their recent interlude.
    He could still smell the scent of her arousal, and his cock hardened. Mon Dieu , he shouldn’t still want her. “You took your time getting dressed.”
    “I had to retrieve some new underwear from my bag. Seems someone ripped my last pair in his impatience.” Despite her accusing tone, she winked at him. “Have you had a chance to look at the menu?”
    “I’m not hungry for dinner.” He wanted to smack himself as soon as he said that. He hungered for the unthinkable, but she took his comment as mere flirtation.
    Her grin broadened. “I’ll eat quickly then.”
    Luc gritted his teeth. She seemed all too eager to meet her death. He waited silently while she ordered, focusing on the rhythm of his breathing and the continual beat that reverberated from his chest through his body. I will not give in to temptation , he repeated over and over in his mind. Slowly, he gained control of his bloodlust.
    “Thank you for ordering the wine.” She took a sip and he mirrored her

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