Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3

Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3 by Crista McHugh Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Kiss of Temptation: The Kavanaugh Foundation, Book 3 by Crista McHugh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crista McHugh
actions. So far, she showed no indication she knew what he was. Their behavior reminded him of all the young couples he saw sitting at the café tables that lined the Champs-Élysées. “Do you mind if I ask where we’re going?”
    “To my house in Paris.”
    “And is that where the staff is?”
    “No.” He took his time with his next sip of wine and watched her temper rise. Satisfied he’d washed away all her impure thoughts for the time being, he continued, “My notes are there. If I find you trustworthy, perhaps I’ll give you a copy of them so you can figure out where I hid the pieces.”
    “The pieces?” Her mouth hung open. “How did you manage to break it?”
    He rubbed his arms, remembering the electric shock that ran through him when he separated the headpiece from the rest of the staff. Such a jolt would have killed a normal mortal. It took him nearly a month to heal from the burns it left behind. “It wasn’t easy.”
    She cocked her head to the side. “I’m still in awe that you lived to tell about it. The Staff of Octavius is rumored to be indestructible.”
    “But there’s the loophole. I didn’t destroy it. I just rendered it useless. You need both parts in order to use it.”
    “Why did you feel the need to do such a thing?”
    “This isn’t a child’s toy we’re talking about.” He clasped his hands together and leaned forward on the table. “When Octavius conquered Egypt, he stole the staff from Cleopatra’s treasury. Before him, it belonged to Alexander the Great, and Ramses II before him. Notice a trend here?”
    The corner of her mouth rose in a wry smile. “You don’t have to repeat the staff’s history to me. I’m more curious about your part in the story. You found it and wouldn’t use it?”
    “I could ask you the same thing. Unlike me, you are capable of unlocking its power.”
    “So you’re not a warlock, then.” The waiter placed her plate in front of her and she dug into the pasta instead of continuing the conversation.
    Luc welcomed the silence. If she continued her line of questioning, she would probably discover what he was. He weighed the pros and cons of telling her the truth. Would she run for her stake, despite his protestations that he wasn’t a bloodthirsty killer? His gaze fell on the thin aqua veins that laced her hands and his mouth grew dry. Who was he kidding? If he saw a fleck of her blood, he’d probably surrender to his bloodlust. What would happen then? Would he be tempted to turn her?
    Daniela sopped up the last traces of sauce with a piece of bread. “So what are you? A vampire hunter?”
    A river of ice coursed through his veins. “Why does it matter?”
    “I’d like to know what resources I have at my disposal. You obviously know Morwen, and yet you claim you can’t use magic.”
    “So you automatically assume I’m a hunter. Can’t I just be a man who knows a bit more than the average human?”
    “There’s nothing average about you, Luc.” She stared at him over the rim of her wineglass while she drained the contents. “How did you spot the vampires so quickly at the train station?”
    What would be a believable lie? Although he hadn’t seen his reflection in over 600 years, he could still feel the two tiny mounds of scar tissue on his neck. He rubbed them with his finger.
    She gasped. “You were bitten?” He nodded, and pity darkened her green eyes. “No wonder you hate them. How did you survive?”
    He almost growled I didn’t , but something held him back. Had his centuries of restraint altered him enough to make him appear almost human to one of the Foundation’s members? Was this how Morwen fooled them all? “Can we change the subject? I don’t want anyone to overhear this conversation and think you’re insane.”
    “Of course.” She cleared her throat. “Sophia mentioned you’re in the habit of rescuing lost souls.”
    He chuckled. “Jealous already?”
    “More like curious.” Daniela tucked her hair

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