Kiss This
    She considered his question for a moment,
and whereas her normal response would be a sarcastic one, something
else popped out of her mouth instead. “For a week.”
    “A week? I can’t kiss you for a week?”
    He paused, like he was considering it. He
even smirked like he was either amused or insulted. But Camryn
didn’t care. She needed something as a buffer right now before she
made a mistake.
    “Huh,” he finally nodded with a shrug. “New
Year’s it is. You’ll be kissing me at midnight and you’ll never
want to stop.”
    Her heart raced. God, that’s exactly what
she was hoping and what she feared. But she honestly didn’t
think he had it in him to wait that long and it wouldn’t matter. He
would disappoint her one way or another, so there was nothing to
    “I’m betting you won’t even last until
then,” she challenged.
    Both eyebrows shot up again and he smiled.
“Oh, a betting kind of girl. I like it. Okay, so let’s say I do it.
I go a week without kissing you. What do I get for following your
    She bit her lip and thought about it for a
moment, her heart pounding because of what she was about to do. Her
mouth was playing the traitor role pretty damn well tonight. “What
is it that you’d want from me?” she asked.
    A smile slowly spread on his face. “You’ll
let me set the terms?”
    “Maybe,” she shrugged. “Because it won’t
matter. You’ll never make it a week.”
    He scoffed at her arrogance. “Oh really. You
think so?”
    “I know so.”
    “You’d better think twice about this,
beautiful. My terms might not be to your liking.”
    “That’s what makes betting so risky. You win
the bet I will pay up, whether I like it or not. So what is it you
    “You. In my bed.”
    He was for sure waiting for her objection,
but she tried not to react at all as she repeated his words in her
    Teague stepped closer to her and lowered his
voice. “I don’t think I have to be more specific than that, do I?
We both know exactly what I mean.”
    Camryn’s heart was pounding. Hell yes she
knew what he meant, but she didn’t know a single thing about this
guy. “Well, I’m a bed hog. And I can’t stand people who snore.
Curtains shut, two pillows for me, and keep your feet off my legs.
That’s the only way I’ll sleep in your bed.”
    She liked that it took a moment before he
responded. He was definitely surprised by her answer and now his
slow smile was giving him time to come up with a reply. Finally he
said, “Fine, I agree to that. Add eight hours minimum in my bed,
and I don’t have to wear any clothes.”
    Camryn almost laughed out loud, and Teague’s
cocky smile revealed that he was obviously proud of that little
    “Do you understand the terms?” he asked with
a tilt of his head.
    She gave him a neutral smile. “I understand
    “Good. So on to your terms,” he
continued. “If I lose—which I won’t—what do you get?”
    She gave him a sweet smile and answered,
“Well I don’t waste my time with losers, so it’s pretty obvious.
You lose, you’re not worth my time. And I’m not nice enough to give
you a second chance.”
    “God, you are a ball of fire!” he laughed.
“It’s a deal. I’ll follow your stupid rule and won’t kiss you for a
week. You can count on it.”
    Shit, for some reason she could tell he was
going to win this bet. The confidence this guy had was off the
charts. Her damn attempt at a buffer was going to backfire on
    “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked her
    “You know, a boyfriend. Is that why I can’t
kiss you? So you don’t feel like you’re cheating on your boyfriend?
Then if he ever finds out, you can honestly say you’ve never kissed
    She leaned away just slightly. “That’s the
stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”
    “Hey, chicks like to work their wiles all
different ways.”
    His eyes were molten by now. Even in the
dark Camryn could

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