Knock Me Off My Feet

Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan Read Free Book Online

Book: Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Donovan
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
    Quinn watched every swaying, ripe, and round step she took.
    "Jee-ay-sus," he whispered to himself.
    * * *
    Audie decided to walk from the station to her office, taking a detour along
Michigan Avenue
. She needed the exercise. She needed to take in big gulps of heavy, humid Chicago summer air. She needed to get a grip on herself.
    There was something about Quinn that completely unnerved her. He was a very basic man—not as smooth as Griffin or as charismatic as Tim Burke or as devastatingly handsome as Kyle Singer. What he was, she decided, was incredibly male. He oozed it. He knew it. He swaggered. Probably an illness found in all Chicago cops. And the way she'd caught him looking at her—like a lion looks at breakfast. She really should file a citizen's complaint against him for that kiss. She should be revolted by the whole situation.
    The problem was, she wasn't revolted and she wasn't complaining. In fact, the man sent chills through her. Quinn could be categorized as one of those dangerous quiet types, she decided, and she'd just have to keep him at arm's length.
    Audie sighed—this was going to be a long month.
    She stopped at the corner of
and Chicago Avenues to wait for the light. There were nearly 3 million people in this city, and one of them wished her harm. Quinn was right—it was someone who knew her. She could feel it. But who?
    She glanced quickly at the sweaty faces so near her, yet so far away, absorbed in their own inner worlds of troubles and desires. They all just stood there, as if in a trance, waiting for the light to change.
    She'd be damned if she'd stand around waiting for something awful to happen on September 22. Of course nothing would happen. She refused to even think that way.
    Audie crossed the street and picked up the pace. She probably should call Drew to tell him about all this nonsense. She should probably call her brother anyway—it had been at least a couple months since they'd spoken. His latest divorce should be final now, if she remembered correctly.
    Audie stopped at the Tiffany's window just to look and to catch her breath. She'd been power walking, it seemed, and her reflection in the dark glass showed sweat pouring down her neck and sticking to the silk blouse.
    She crossed the street and walked down Chestnut, smelling the Indian food from the Bombay House and suddenly realizing she was ravenous. She would just run up to her office and get her wallet and—a man was waiting for her on the stoop.
    "Hello, Autumn."
    "God, Russ! You scared me to death!"
    "What a coincidence, then, because you are scaring the living hell out of me lately—do you realize we've got just over a month to renew your contract? Do you realize how many millions of dollars are involved? Do you have a good reason for not returning any of my calls? And why is a police detective harassing me?"
    "Wow. Already?" Audie looked up into his gunmetal gray eyes filled with impatience. She pushed past him and bounded up the marble steps to the massive oak-and-leaded-glass doors.
    "Just now on my portable," he said, staring at the phone in his palm. "He said he wants to question me about some letters or something. What's this all about, Audie?"
    She shrugged, holding the door open for him. He stepped up into the dark, cool foyer and looked down at her. "God, what have you been doing, playing soccer in your skirt? You're dripping wet."
    "It's hot, Russ. I sweat when it's hot. I'm a warm-blooded creature, unlike you."
    He started up the steps in front of her, ignoring her insult. When they entered the reception area, a blast of icy air conditioning pummeled them and Audie sighed with relief.
    "I see he's found you." Marjorie smiled at the two of them and handed Audie a few phone messages. "I made some fresh-brewed raspberry iced tea; would anyone care for some? Next month's columns are all done, Audie, and I need to know if they're good to go. I also need you to OK the travel schedule—it's on your

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