Lady Disguised (Tenacious Trents Novella) (Tenacous Trents)

Lady Disguised (Tenacious Trents Novella) (Tenacous Trents) by Jane Charles Read Free Book Online

Book: Lady Disguised (Tenacious Trents Novella) (Tenacous Trents) by Jane Charles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jane Charles
Tags: Romance, Love Story
allowed…well she couldn’t even finish the thought.
    “I was on the settee in the
library when your pounding and yelling woke me,” Stanwick drawled. 
    Hélène’s eyes met his. “I did not
know you stayed.” Why would he do such a thing?  
    “I wanted to make sure you were
all right.”
    Jordan whipped around and stared
at her. “How would Stanwick know of your injury?”
    Hélène glared at Stanwick. Why
did he have to be here? Her brothers and Acker did not need to know about last
night. Stanwick even had her winnings, so what did he have to gain by
enlightening them about what had been a most humiliating experience? 
    “How are you feeling, by the
way?” he asked as he crossed the room and took a seat opposite her. “Dr. Brune
said you were to remain in bed for a few days.”
    “Is this true?” Acker demanded.
    “I don’t need to be coddled,” she
snapped. Perhaps she should have remained in bed.  Maybe she would have gotten
some sympathy from the gentlemen in the room, or perhaps they would have left
her alone. Then she would have had time to think about what she was going to
tell her family. As it was, her leg throbbed and she just wanted to take a few
drops of the laudanum Dr. Brune had left and lie down. Unfortunately, now was
not the time to show weakness.
    Stanwick leaned forward. “There
are seven stitches in your leg. I don’t think lying in bed for a day to heal is
being coddled.”
    “Seven?” Acker asked.
    “Stitches?” Jordan stressed.
    Hélène sighed. This was not going
well, and she wished Stanwick would just be quiet.   
    “How the hell do you know how
many stitches my sister has in her leg?” Jordan demanded.
    Stanwick’s eyes widened and he
slowly turned to Jordan.
    Acker in turn lifted an eyebrow
and crossed his arms over his chest, also looking at Jordan. Exactly how was
Jordan going to explain?
    “Hélène’s relationship to me is
not important at the moment,” Jordan argued. “What is your involvement with her
    Hélène sighed. She had hoped the
conversation would turn from last night, but apparently Jordan wasn’t about to
enlighten Stanwick about their kinship.
    Hélène watched Stanwick’s dark
eyes as he mulled over what he was going to say. She forced herself to breathe,
though she feared he would tell them everything.
    “I’ve brought tea, Miss Mirabelle,”
a footman announced as he came in the room. 
    “Thank you, Vickary.” Hélène
smiled at the young man.
    Hélène gazed at the tea service. 
A cup of tea was precisely what she needed at the moment.  As she was the only
female in the room, it was her duty to pour.  She slowly leaned forward, but
winced as the stitches pulled and a sharp pain tore through her thigh. Perhaps
she wasn’t as thirsty as she thought.
    Stanwick grasped the handle of
the delicate teapot. “Allow me.”
    Their eyes met and held. He
looked ruggedly handsome this morning with a midnight, wayward curl resting on
his forehead. His chiseled features were all the more defined by the dark
shadow on his lower cheeks and chin.
    “Thank you,” Hélène murmured,
glancing away from his dark, penetrating gaze.

    Pain sliced through Hélène’s eyes
and her mouth grew white and pinched when she attempted to be the proper
hostess in pouring tea for his guests. Neither Acker nor Trent moved to assist.
Didn’t they note the pain in her eyes? Her face didn’t completely relax until
she was once again against the back of the settee. This was his fault.
    No, it was hers for putting
herself in a dangerous situation. Just further proof that women were mad. Yet
she was a lovely madwoman. One might forget the insanity that must run through
her veins with one look into those beguiling blue eyes framed with dark lashes.
    Stanwick poured a cup of tea. “Do
you take milk? Sugar?”
    “Nothing, thank you,” Hélène
    He used all his will to contain
his composure, but being in such close proximity

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