Larceny by Jason Poole Read Free Book Online

Book: Larceny by Jason Poole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jason Poole
officer holding the gun turned the volume up on his radio, while the other officer was still searching Bilal.
    The dispatcher called out, “Suspects are two young black males between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, medium height. One of the males was wearing a blue coat with writing on the sleeve, blue jeans, and tennis shoes.”
    The officer frisking Bilal yelled out to the other office, “Does he fit the description?”
    â€œYeah, that’s him. Lock his ass up!” the officer said.
    Bilal was arrested and charged with murder. There was one witness who pointed out Bilal and stated that there were two people, but the one with the blue coat pulled the gun.
    After hours of interrogation, Bilal never broke. He kept his silence. He remained loyal and was sentenced to a juvenile facility up until he was twenty-one years old.
    This was the first time that the reality of the world Bilal was living in became completely visible to me. Bilal took the murder charge for me. Niggas nowadays would catch diarrhea of the mouth if they were caught. I would remember this and forever remain loyal to Bilal.
    â€œSo now, Mr. Jovan whatever-your-middle-name-is Price,” I said to him.
    â€œConrad, sweetheart. My middle name is Conrad.”
    â€œOkay, Conrad, it’s my turn now to interrogate you.”
    As we looked each other in the face, I still couldn’t believe how strikingly handsome he was. I hoped Jovan didn’t have a girlfriend, wife, kids, or anything else that would make me get up and leave this place immediately.
    â€œFirst, how old are you?” I said with a devilish grin.
    â€œI’m twenty-four years old, but I’ll be twenty-five next month.”
    â€œHmmm, so you’re a youngin’?”
    â€œC’mon, Sonya, you only got me by less than two years. You act like you ’bout forty-something.” We both laughed.
    â€œNaw, I’m just joking with you. So when is your birthday?”
    â€œJune third,” he said.
    â€œOh, June third. That’s my bro Tony’s B-day.”
    â€œYeah, he must be a good dude like me then, huh.”
    â€œWhatever, Jovan. You’re sweet now, but you’re probably a li’l devil after someone gets to know you.”
    â€œNaw, boo, what you see here is what you get,” he said, as he looked in my face, letting me know that he meant every word.
    Damn, I hoped Jovan wasn’t playing no games, ’cause if this was what I got, then I wouldn’t want for nothin’ else. Jovan Conrad Price was the perfect gentleman: a handsome, sharp, smooth, and intelligent young black man.
    â€œOkay, so do you have a job?” I asked.
    â€œGood question. You know most women nowadays don’t even ask that question.”
    Shit, what did he mean by most women? I hoped he was not taking other bitches out to lunch on a regular basis.
    â€œI’ve been questioned like this by a lot of women, but most of the women my friends date never even ask that question.”
    Whew, I was glad he cleared that up!
    â€œWell, that’s a very important question, because if you and a person are to become friends—and later on, who knows, you may end up falling in love or something—it’s only right that each person knows what they’re bringing to the table.”
    â€œI totally agree. Well, first of all, yes, I do have a job. I work for Rohon and Robinson, a law firm in the city. I’ve only been working there for a couple months, but I love it.”
    â€œWhat type of work do you do? I mean, are you actually a lawyer?” I asked.
    â€œWell, yes and no. When I say yes, I say that because most of the legwork on cases is done by me. I find cases of law, place them in a motion, and format certain facts for the motion; then I give it to my boss, who is the actual attorney. He’ll look over the motion, make a few changes, and bring it before the court to argue

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