Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger Read Free Book Online

Book: Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger Read Free Book Online
Authors: Steve Kluger
Tags: Historical, Adult, Humour, Young Adult
people such as Flash Gordon and The Batman to follow me? I would report you to the FBI for knowing such things as West 94th Street and thinking I have a brother named Harlan and etc., except for the part of me that thinks maybe you are working for them. Maybe your not really short and 12. Maybe your really 38 and look like Rock Nuteny or somebody. I dropped two pop-ups today due to wondering.
    Now look Iron Fists. She changed her telephone number again so when I called and said I Love You, I was really talking to a pissed offNegro with a dick. And when I stood under where she lives and played “In the Mood” on my sax, instead of her opening the window to listen like she always does, all I got was hit in the face by a shoe.
    Okay. Maybe I said some things in my previous letters that I shouldn’t of. But the Mirror says that Clark Grable saw her show twice last night so I am running out of time. I will give you one more chance to tell her the truth. Otherwise I will have to break your neck.
    Charlie Banks
    P.S. Your old man must punch one Hell of a time clock on account of being a sub commander and a senator, huh? Gotcha you little goop.
    P.S.2. But at least he took you to the Worlds Fair, right?
    P.S.3. The way I figured it on the train to Philly, you are still not telling me why they put you in the Juvenile Pokey for three reasons: (a) you are punishing me (which if you are good luck and fuck you), (b) they are going to send you to the chair for it (but your still a miner so I doubt it), or (c) you think that whatever they put you there for was the worst thing in the world and your ashamed (which is the way every body in there feels). Since it couldn’t be (b) and it better not be (a), chances are it is probably (c), so I am inclosing something from my own scrap book, which if you show it to anybody I will pull your arms off.
    This is me when I was 15 yrs. old before I had stats. In the back ground is the mess hall at Father Flanagans. They sent me there for armed robbery after I stuck up a candy store with a pop gun, even though all I got out of it was two sticks of spearamint gum and some Hershey Kisses.
    Your not the first one to get in trouble, you know? And it’s nothing to feel bad about.
    Dear Charlie,
    You never held up anybody in your life. That’s a picture of Mickey Rooney in Boys’ Town just after Spencer Tracy yelled at him for the first time and he was going to run away, except there was lunch. You must be pretty stupid even for a ball player if you think I would fall for that one. I saw it nine times, not counting once when it was playing with The Roaring Twenties only they threw me and Craig out of the theater before Bogey even croaked. And all we did was accidentally sneak in through the fire door without paying. Brooklyn stinks.
    Nana Bert didn’t want to wait in line for the Perisphere because of her high heels and also because they were having dinner with the Shiffmans at Twenty One and had to leave. So instead they put me on a ferris wheel but I got stuck at the top when it broke. The only thing I could seewhen they got into their limousine was Nana Bert’s fingernails. But my Dad gave the ferris wheel guy $20 for me to take a cab home in case I ever got down again. Instead I bought some dirty postcards and took the subway.
    My Mom said I could go to Tuxedo Junction with you to see Hazel as long as you’re the real Charlie Banks and not just some imposter who wants to kidnap me because of my father’s money. Aunt Carrie says we don’t know if you have any diseases and besides you’re goyim.
    So how come you won’t let me go?
    Joey Margolis
    P.S. My Dad makes parachutes for the Army and stockings for girls. If you tell anybody that, I’ll say you’re making it up.
    P.S.2. They sent me up the river for peeing in the reservoir. So what?
    Dear Joey,
    Come to think of it, that’s the most disgusting thing I ever heard in

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