Late Night with Andres

Late Night with Andres by Debra Anastasia Read Free Book Online

Book: Late Night with Andres by Debra Anastasia Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Anastasia
as he answered her. “Hasn’t yet. So I hope not. How’re ya feeling? The foot?”
    As if his words dissipated the adrenaline that had kept her foot from killing her, it was instantly white hot and throbbing again. She glanced over his shoulder and noticed the drops of blood she was leaving like a Goth version of Gretel. “Hurts.” She could barely make the word come out of her mouth. Then she felt like a baby because obviously, Sydney was so much worse off.
    “My paramedics will get you cleaned right up and get you some painkillers.” He turned his face to give her a sympathy smile with his totally white freaking teeth.
    “Can they inject it right into my eyes? I feel like my foot’s on fire.” She started to wiggle and struggle against the pain.
    The policeman took the stairs like he carried girls around for a living. He only stopped once to adjust her. When they hit the side door, Milla took a deep breath of the fresh night air. Instantly her vision was blown apart by cameras flashing. She buried her face in Rocco’s chest out of instinct. Then she thought of her ass. Her ass was most likely hanging out of her underwear.
    “My ass.” She wiggled again.
    “On it. Can I get a blanket?” A cover was thankfully draped over her.
    “Why are they here? Oh, wait, Gage. ”
    Milla tried to look at the crowd she could hear mulling around. Rocco used his chin to keep her in place.
    “They like you too. This whole thing has been broadcast live.” Rocco stepped into an ambulance and set Milla down on a gurney.
    The doors closed and she was finally able to take stock of her surroundings. The paramedics were comforting with their quick actions, though Milla recoiled from their touch a few times.
    “Brun, did you grab her toe?” a female EMT asked.
    “Sorry, I didn’t see it, and they were doing the dismantle. You think there’s anything worth saving? I thought it would’ve been blown to bits.”
    Rocco worked his way past Milla. “I’ve got to get back in there. If I see any toes, you get ’em. ” He smiled and patted her shoulder.
    Milla frowned at the callous attitude toward her baby toe. She heard the back door open, and in rushed a million questions all running together: “SheDyingWillShePoseForPlayboyGageDaxsonDying?” The door slammed shut, trapping the questions outside. Milla interrupted the paramedic readying a vial of injectable drugs.
    “How’s Sydney? How’s Gage? Did someone call my mom?”
    He answered while he tied off her arm with a strip of rubber. “The bodyguard’s going into surgery soon, I’m sure. His vitals were good. He’s a brave guy.”
    He slid the needle into her vein, and soon she felt cloudy and fuzzy. Milla slurred before she drifted off to a drug-induced sleep, “Daxson’s out, right?”
    Blackness claimed her before the answer came.

    “I’ll take the really bad news first.” Gage felt sweat trickle down the center of his back.
    Brett delivered the news in a chipper voice, like it was a weather forecast. “Well, this bomb is real. I can’t believe you’ve managed the tradeoff once already because this trigger is insane. So the really bad news is that we need you to hang on to the button. If you twitch or freak out, you’ll blow us all to hell.”
    Gage shook his head slowly. “All right. And the bad news?”
    Brett looked to the ceiling. “If we crap our pants, it’s going to be televised. Where did they hide that fucking camera? Damn.”
    “What do you mean?” Gage concentrated on keeping his finger still, keeping the pressure on.
    “Well, there’s, like, a fucking hidden camera in the fucking walls, and the whole world has been watching this whole fucking thing. Andres is an ass. If we say fucking a lot, it will totally fucking piss them all off. They will wear out their fucking censor button.” Brett winked at the ceiling.
    The other bomb squad member hadn’t said anything. He was focused on the device strapped to the gunman. He would refer to an

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