Laws of the Blood 1: The Hunt

Laws of the Blood 1: The Hunt by Susan Sizemore Read Free Book Online

Book: Laws of the Blood 1: The Hunt by Susan Sizemore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susan Sizemore
utterly butch. And a complete turn-on. That wasn’t the reaction Selim received from the young strig outside.
    “I don’t think so.”
    She heard the deep anger in Geoff Sterling’s voice. The hate. She also read that the strig was scared half out of his wits. Which was actually a very good reaction as long as he didn’t do anything stupid. Selim had her chase Sterling into an alley off Melrose after spotting him cruising the busy street. Sterling looked conspicuously Goth, all done up in leather and torn black lace. “It’s a wonder the fashion police haven’t gotten to him first,” had been Selim’s comment as the strig began to feel his presence and took off. She’d backed Sterling into a chain-link fence at the end of the alley with the bumper of the car. Selim got out to talk to him before Sterling could make the leap to the other side of the fence.
    “Do you know who I am?” Selim asked.
    Siri frowned as a glob of spit landed on the windshield. The strig either had bad aim or a certain amount of sense; Selim was standing right in front of him.
    “Pervert,” Sterling said to Selim. “ Dhamphir.”
    Selim didn’t bother to correct the youngster’s misapprehension, but Siri took immediate offense. Just because all dhamphirs were Enforcers didn’t mean that all Enforcers were dhamphirs . It was just that the one dhamphir that was an Enforcer, and totally insane but efficient, gave all the others a very bad reputation. She knew that Cassie didn’t want Sebastian to grow up to become one of the Enforcers of the Law, but did the little boy have a choice?
    Siri took a great deal of exception to Sterling calling her Selim a pervert because he had the ability to do what others couldn’t. Vampires could not kill each other, despite the hideous battles they sometimes got into; they couldn’t even commit suicide. The only kind of vampire that could bring death to another vampire was an Enforcer. It was a skilled profession, not a perversion, or so the Enforcers and Strigoi Council chose to believe. It was an honorable profession, no matter how hated and feared they were by the others of their kind.
    Not that Selim had told her any of this. Vampire stuff was all supposed to be a big secret until companions came of age and all that bullshit. She had her sources; she had a brain to figure things out. She could read Selim’s mind a good deal of the time. Siri loved being married to a cop and did what she could to help. Lord knew, he needed it.
    “Hey! Watch the finish!” she complained as Geoff Sterling landed forcefully on the hood of the car. She winced as she heard his shirt buttons scrape against the glossy enamel.
    “Sorry, hon!” Selim called and pulled Sterling off the hood by the back of his leather coat. A moment later, the rear passenger door opened, and Selim pushed the strig into the car ahead of him. “We’ll be going now,” he said to Siri.
    She saw Selim flash her a quick grin in the rearview mirror as she backed out of the alley, but she did the proper, subservient companion thing and drove in inconspicuous silence. Damn but Selim was hot, she thought as he settled into the seat beside the sulking strig. Sterling was a pretty boy, slender and androgynous, with dark hair and bright green eyes. Her vampire was skinny, but in a wiry, muscular way that looked great naked. Selim’s face was angles and shadows, with big, liquid brown eyes, a high forehead, and a sharply pointed chin.
    “When are you going to kill me?” Geoff Sterling asked as the Mercedes pulled out on the freeway.
    The question broke a long, tense silence. Siri was glad; all the emotion the young vampire projected into such a small space had given her a headache. Selim, she could tell from the Cheshire Cat grin she glimpsed when she glanced in the mirror, was eating all the fear and loathing up with a spoon.
    “Why would I want to kill you?” Selim answered the question with a question.
    After another silence, a sullen one

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