Left by Shyla Colt Read Free Book Online

Book: Left by Shyla Colt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shyla Colt
presentable to be seen around town with her. With her, insanely high cheek bones wide-set light brown eyes, full lips, and maple colored flawless skin, she looks like the models she often works with. The dimples in both cheeks take her beauty over the top. There was a time I envied her before I was comfortable in my own skin.
    Now I admire her dedication to her craft, and herself. She rips off the strip making me wince. There’s no other person I’d trust my eyebrows to.
    “You’re incredibly tense right now. Is work still running you ragged.”
    “They are. We’re this close to finishing our current project, though, so I’m counting down the days.”
    “So it’s not the day job?” She smooths down my eyebrows with a brush and moves on to the smalls scissors.
    “It’s Houston.”
    “Is everything okay with the kids?” Efia asks concerned.
    “Oh, they’re fine. This issue is strictly between him and me.”
    “Did you have a fight? It’s not like you two to let things go unresolved for too long.”
    “That’s not it. If you ask him, nothing’s wrong. I’m the one with doubts.”
    “About?” She
    “Wait. Us as  in two become one?”
    “If he has his way.” 
    “Girl, you got that sexy bearded beast and you don’t want him? Please send him my way. He takes care of his business, bills, and treats you like a queen. And that was as his best friend.”
    I huff. “You’re on his side?”
    “I’d rather be under him.”
    “Ef, I’m serious.”
    “So am I. Damn. You’re not attracted to him?” She asks skeptically.
    “I am. It’s not that. I feel like I’m a convenience. I’m here, and I’m safe. How long until he decides I’m not what he needs?”
    “Houston never struck me as the type of man who doesn’t know his  mind.”
    “No, but we’re damaged goods. What are they odds that we’d move on together?” I ask.
    “Considering you’re practically married in everything but name and the swapping of bodily fluids, I’d say high.”
    “Hot, sweaty, smex is what you need. You haven’t been dicked down since that waste of sperm and egg. I think it’s way past time you broke your unspoken vow of chastity.”
    “That’s not what being alone was about. I needed to ground myself and rediscover who I was. What happened was a wake-up call. I’d been doing everything for Tony and getting virtually nothing back. He wasn’t even that good in bed.”
    “Ugh. Useless,” Ef hisses.
    I smile. “He was. I can’t believe how much time I wasted waiting  for him to get his stuff together because I thought he had potential.”
    “Potential doesn’t pay bills, make a good husband or a decent father,” Ef says.
    “I know that now.”
    “So why continue the drought? You’re good on your own. You have your swank condo, a great job, a nice car, and a sense of self that makes you one of the strongest women I know. If you’re not ready for a relationship now, then when?”
    She rips off another layer of fabric, and I wince. “Never?”
    “No. I refuse to let you walk away from the man I believe is your soulmate. What you did, stepping up and mothering those children is above and beyond godmother duties.”
    “He’s my best friend.”
    “Yes, and they make the best lovers.”
    “It’s not that easy.”
    She clucks her tongue and continues whipping my eyebrows into shape. “You’re making it harder than it needs to be. Sit up.”
    I sit up from the table she put up for my visit and take the silver handled hand mirror from her. “Look in the mirror.” I study my reflections admiring the sharp points of my newly groomed eyebrows.
    “They look awesome.”
    “Of course, they do. What do you see?”
    I study my reflection. My eyes are full of anxiety, and my lips are turned down. “ I see I’m stressed.”
    “Houston,” I smile. “If the very thought of him does that to you. That’s all you need to know.”
    “Damnit, Ef.”
    “You can thank me, by making

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