Legally Bound 2: Against The Law

Legally Bound 2: Against The Law by Blue Saffire Read Free Book Online

Book: Legally Bound 2: Against The Law by Blue Saffire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Blue Saffire
only warning , Rita thought to herself.
    “Oh come on Baby,” Kerry murmured as he moved closer and went to nuzzle her neck. Rita stiffened, reaching out she shoved him just before his lips touched her skin.
    “What are you doing?” Rita bit out.
    “You think I don’t see the way you look at me,” Kerry growled. “You know about me Rita, why would you say yes to coming with me if you weren’t going to show me a good time.”
    “Oh my God,” Rita gasped as she stood and moved away.
    She had heard rumors about Kerry in their sophomore year, but then he started dating Patricia Logan and the rumors stopped. She hadn’t thought any of them were true. Girls were always throwing themselves at him and after he would move on to the next. Rita figured the girls were making things up because he didn’t want them after they willingly gave him what he wanted.
    However now she could see it in his eyes, what Jasper had warned her about. Rita groaned internally because she knew she was going to have to kick his ass and she might ruin her dress in the process. His eyes looked crazy and hungry as they drank her in.
    Rita cursed at herself, why had she been so stupid? She knew this was a bad idea. Kerry stood and sauntered over to her. He placed his hand on her cheek.
    “Come on Rita, I just want to know if you’re a sweet as you look. Does that chocolate in you make you extra delicious?” Kerry purred.
    Rita felt the sting of his words as her rage started to surface. Her family never treated her or her mother differently. The Mairetties were the same. To them, they were Raquel and Rita, but everyone else pointed out that she was different.
    They pointed out that her hair was blonde, and her eyes were green while her skin was the color of mocha chocolate. Rita smirked to herself because she was now going to enjoy kicking his ass. He’d annoyed her before with the comment about her eyes being real, but now he had just plain pissed her off.
    Rita smiled at him sweetly as he leaned in to kiss her lips. Just as his lips got right next to her face, she reached up for his hand and twisted it back. Using her other hand, with her palm flat up she mashed his nose and grinned with the crunching sound it made.
    “You bitch, you’re going to fucking pay for that,” Kerry bellowed through the pain as he held his nose with his good hand.
    “I’d like to see you try,” Rita snorted and giggled spinning on her heels to leave.
    Rita balked as she turned to find a group of Kerry’s friends blocking the exit. She’d been so enraged and focused on Kerry she hadn’t heard them approach. How long had they been there?
    Rita made a quick count and sized them all up. There were five of them, two taller than her each having her by about fifty pounds. The other two were average height with smaller builds. Rita tried not to panic, but all she could think about was Marcus.
    How many times had he come to her rescue? To him, it didn’t matter that she could protect herself. He always thought it was his place. He’d broken plenty of noses over her when they were younger.
    Rita shook those thoughts off because she could protect herself. Marcus wasn’t going to show up this time to be her knight in shining armor. The reality was he may not even care, and this was her real life. This was what boys thought of her and how people treated her.
    She said a silent thank you to Kelly for encouraging her to train in heels. ‘ You never know when you will have to spring into action ,’ Kelly had told her. The grass was going to make it a little harder, but she could handle it, she thought as she took a step back.
    Kerry wrapped his arm around her waist, tugging her against his chest. “You always thought you were better than everyone,” Kerry growled in her ear, “With your rich daddy and your rich friends. I want you to tell Jasper how much fun me and my friends had on prom night.”
    “Over my dead body,” Rita snapped, elbowing Kerry in his

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