Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar

Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar by Bailey Bradford Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Leopard's Spots 2: Oscar by Bailey Bradford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bailey Bradford
Tags: mm
Cole Tavares’ sons would be after your dad?”
    Oscar’s blood iced in his veins. “Tavares? You’re sure?”
    Josiah sighed and pulled out his phone. “I took this picture earlier. Meant to show it to you and Henry, but things went downhill before I got that far. Anyway, I sent it to the cougar friends I have and one of them thought they were some of Tavares’ sons. Apparently he has a lot of them.”
    “No shit,” Oscar muttered as he stared at the blurry picture. From what he could tell, the guys resembled Lyndon. “They sure could be Lyndon’s brothers. Or half-brothers, rather.”
    “And who is Lyndon?” Josiah prodded.
    Oscar gave Josiah a brief rundown on his family, and Lyndon, his brother Levi’s partner. He couldn’t figure out how not to mention Albert, but he did imagine erecting walls around his brain before he talked about it. Judging by the way Josiah physically withdrew, leaving Oscar standing alone as if he’d shoved Josiah away, the attempt at a mental block worked.
    Well, he had rejected Josiah in more ways than one, hadn’t he? But it was a lot to take in, and Oscar really didn’t want to talk about Albert or risk exposing Josiah to the darkness he feared was inside him. He should have known he wouldn’t be able to get out of delving into the hellish memories from a few months ago.
    “Oscar,” Josiah began only to stop and tip his head up, as if searching for guidance from the ceiling or something. “I just want to help you, okay? I have to. I can’t walk away and leave my mate in trouble. You don’t want me, I get it. I’ll try not to touch you, mentally, physically, whatever. But please, let me help.”
    Oscar felt like a first-rate shit. He sighed and faced Josiah, who was still averting his gaze. Big, muscular, broad-jawed and practically walking testosterone, Josiah was appealing to him on every level. And personality-wise, the wolf shifter seemed pretty amazing, too. Oscar called himself names sometimes, but he really didn’t think he was all that dumb. He surely wasn’t stupid enough to throw away something…someone who could be everything he’d ever wanted, who’d love him and touch him.
    “Josiah.” Oscar waited until Josiah looked at him. Oscar held out his hand. “Come here, please. We need to work out a plan to find my dad, I can’t let anything happen to him, and…” And he wanted Josiah to take his hand, damn it!
    Josiah whipped his head down so fast, Oscar was surprised he didn’t snap his fool neck. The slight smile teasing at the corners of his lips set off all sorts of inappropriate—for the time being—sensations in Oscar’s groin.
    Oscar was afraid to hope, though, even when Josiah took his hand and his warmth flowed into Oscar like a wave of reassurance he hadn’t known he needed. But would Josiah still want him when he found out Oscar had killed someone, and would do it again? Would he find the darkness Oscar feared was dwelling inside him? Could he keep that part, those thoughts and memories blocked off, at least for a little while, until he could figure out if he wanted to give this thing with Josiah a shot?
    He didn’t know, but he was beginning to accept that he had to try.

Chapter Seven
    Josiah let Oscar do the searching since his fingers and the iPhone were just not compatible. His phone was probably a technological dinosaur. It had an actual keyboard, with decent sized buttons. If they ever stopped making phones like that, he was going to be screwed.
    Once he’d called Cecelia and got what info from her he could, which was just the names of the three guys he’d snapped the pic of earlier, Josiah shared the names with Oscar. “Clark, Chris, and Devon,” Josiah told him. “Wonder why Devon got shorted out of a C-name.”
    Oscar began tapping away at his phone. “Who knows. Maybe his mother was pissed because he was a difficult birth or something.”
    “At least he still got the same number of letters.”
    Oscar stopped

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