Less than zero (RN: Book 1)

Less than zero (RN: Book 1) by David Gunner Read Free Book Online

Book: Less than zero (RN: Book 1) by David Gunner Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Gunner
    Chapter 1
    “Show him in.”
    “Air Marshall, Denz, I’m Ben Warrant. Thank you for finding the time for this interview. I know you’re very busy and this is the first interview your department has authorised.”
    “We do what we can to accommodate our friends from the media. Please, take a seat.”
    “Yes, thank you. And thank you also for your speedy consent. I hardly noticed the seven months my application took to be approved.”
    “It can take still longer, if you’d like.”
    “Quite. If you don’t mind I’d like to make the most of our limited time and dive right in. I have a prepared list of –“
    “What’s that light?”
    “What light?”
    “Your satchel, I saw a blinking red light. What is it?”
    “My satchel? There’s nothing ...do you mind that’s private property! Air Marshall, you can’t just –“
    “It’s a pen! Why does it have this red light? What is this?”
    “That ...that’s my digital voice recorder.”
    “Recording devices are not permitted and should have been surrendered at the check point!”
    “Yes, I know. But I need it, for my work.”
    “The permissions we gave you stated that we record everything and you’ll be sent a solicited transcript. Secreting a recording device into this area is tantamount to spying. Do you know the punishment for spying is?”
    “I wasn’t aware it would be considered spying, but I was concerned I’d miss important details. I -“
    “Mr Warrant. Let’s not play the usual games. I’m sure you’re fully aware of the sensitive nature of the work done here, and yet you blatantly flout the restrictions of the Official Secrets document you’re supposed to have read, and did sign before being allowed access.  We’re happy to accommodate the media to the permissible extent, but it’s actions such as this that prevent us from allowing your type of reputation in here.”
    “My type! I see. I’ve prepared a list of questions. Would you like to check the periods for micro-bugs?”
    “And this office has an exit. Would you care to use it?”
    “Touché, Air Marshall. I believe you –”
    “Could you remove the batteries from your device?”
    “It’s switched off.”
    “If you insist.”
    “Do you have any other recording devices?”
    “You’re certain?”
    “Of course!”
    “Do I need to tell you, Mr Warrant, that If you overstep your bounds beyond the yellow line at the entrance to this wing, you’ll have no recourse, no civil protections. You’ll simply disappear. So I ask you to carefully reconsider your position regarding prohibited devices.”
    “ ...I …apologise, Air Marshall. It was stupid and callous of me to disregard the restrictions regarding these items. And if I may make an honest statement it’s that there was not the least thought of spying in my actions. I was fully aware that you’d send a solicited account to my office, but seeing as these interviews happen so rarely I took the chance of obtaining the unedited version. It would be my scoop of a lifetime and a sure shot for the golden coin. If I may be honest, I’m fully aware of my reputation for lack of ethics and this stunt was a stupid and arrogant supposition on my part. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. This is the first time in my professional career that I immediately regret my actions. Not for any punishment that may be involved, but for blowing a once in a life time opportunity. If you wish to terminate the interview then I completely understand.”
    “No more illegal devices?”
    “Absolutely! If you feel the need to check my possessions, I won’t –“ 
    “Then we’ll consider the matter dropped and I’m happy to continue.”
    “Thank you. That’s very gracious of you. Now, let me see ...the Coalition President made his annual address yesterday. Did you hear

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