Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series)

Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series) by Randall S. Smith Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series) by Randall S. Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Randall S. Smith
got things under control. I'm going in.
By the way, nice job, Kris.” As she disappeared into the night,
she looked back over her shoulder and said, “I'm impressed.”
Kris could be heard firing off another round.
    With most of the security
team taken out, Karlee easily made her way into the house. Some
sporadic gunfire could still be heard outside as she made her way to
the upstairs window. As before at the Lieutenant Governor's, her head
was covered with a hood because of security cameras. Still wearing
her night vision goggles, she entered the darkened room. A startled
man turned around.
    “Don't shoot! I'm not
    Karlee confirmed it was her
target and took the kill-shot. A second figure appeared in the dimly
lit area. She turned and took aim.
    “Please don't shoot
me,” said the feminine voice.
    Karlee hesitated, then
remembered what her sister had said about it maybe being the wife who
was paying for their contract. She determined there was no point in
killing the spouse this time, turned and ran out of the room and
exited the home, sprinting across the large lawn. A few more shots
could be heard as well as some approaching sirens. She promptly
rejoined her sister at the perimeter.
    “I think I got 'em
all, sis,” Kris bragged. “I hated killing the dogs, but
it was them or us.”
    “You're a good girl,
honey. Now let's get the frig out of here!”
    It was early morning when
they arrived back at Kristie's house, once again dressed in their
everyday clothes. Randolph was waiting. He wasn't the type to ask
questions, but did have news.
    “Your agent called.
You both got parts as extras in that movie!”

    It was a week later when
the sisters left for Lake Geneva, a plush resort area just across the
state line in Wisconsin and home to many rich celebrities, both
famous and infamous. There were rumors that in addition to some
Fortune 500 CEO's summer homes there, certain Chicago crime families
could also be found.
    There was an air of
excitement as everyone gathered for what was to be a three-day shoot,
with some of the big-name stars attending. One of the locals had
provided his own mansion for the filming. The Executive Producer was
about to address the group.
    “Hello, everyone. I'm
the movie's Producer and my name is Peter. We ask that you extras not
bother the stars during the three-day shoot. There will be lots of
downtime between shots, so hopefully you each brought a good book to
read. As you know, this film takes place during Chicago's bootleg era
and is about an assembly of gangsters and their girlfriends as the
men meet to make plans for their future endeavors. You will be
provided with costumes from that time period. Please show
consideration for your fellow performers. We'll attempt to provide
you with breaks and food on a timely basis. This is the staff off to
my left. Familiarize yourselves with them, as they will be the ones
to help you with your questions, get outfitted and organized. That is
    Peter had been given the
'heads-up' by his associates in New York to keep an eye on Karlee, as
her audition had captured special attention.
    Over the next few days,
everyone did prove to be most cordial. The sisters and all the other
extras had a memorable, fun time as they donned the outfits, partook
in the scenes, and made new friends. Some of the big stars approached
the more attractive young ladies who were most awestruck by their
presence, with some pairing-off together and disappearing into
trailers. During one of the breaks, Karlee chatted with one of the
young men.
    “Hi, my name's Bob.
This is my first time as an extra.”
    “I'm Karlee. I'm kind
of new to it, too. What do you do when you're not busy being an
extra, Bob?”
    “I'm a lawyer.”
    “Too bad. I guess no
one's perfect. I don't have much use for attorneys; I usually just
kick their ass.”
    “I bet that makes you
very popular in the legal community,” he kidded.
    “Ditto bankers,”
she added with an

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