Let's Be Mature About This BN

Let's Be Mature About This BN by Renee LaRuse Read Free Book Online

Book: Let's Be Mature About This BN by Renee LaRuse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Renee LaRuse
shoulder. "Let's play 20 questions. I go first," I announced.
    "Okay. Go."
    "Wait. It's not really 20 questions so much as an excuse to ask you about some things. I'm nosy, which you of all people should understand. It'll be yes or no questions but feel free to elaborate."
    Gavin smiled. "Bring it."
    "Do you love your job?"
    "Do you have any allergies?"
    "Haha, nope. Why did you ask that?"
    I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe it's the doctor in me. Are you Italian?"
    "Si’, cento percento italiano americano.”
    I think I lost the ability to form sentences at that point. Could he get any sexier? Concentrate, Sydney. Don't let his charms side track you. I can't believe he knows Italian, though!
    "Do you know any more Italian?"
    "Yes, but only a couple more phrases and curse words I learned from my grandfather."
    "Have you ever done extracurricular drugs?"
    "Yes. Pot, once in high school. It wasn't really fun, in my opinion."
    "What's your favorite movie of all time?"
    "Hmmm, I'd have to say The Fifth Element . I always enjoy watching that."
    "Thank God you didn't say The Godfather , or I would have rolled my eyes at you."
    "Well, every man likes The Godfather . That movie was designed to capture our simple violent minds."
    "At least you realize that. One, I don't like it simply because it’s more of a guy's movie and two, they say some rude things about black people. Which makes me wonder why so many black dudes love it so much."
    "I don't remember that happening."
    "How could you not remember that? They use the 'n' word and basically call black people animals."
    I smiled at him. "It's okay. Alright, next question. Have you ever been married?"
    Gavin's eyebrows rose a bit in amusement. "No."
    "Do you have any kids?"
    Gavin's eyes widened and he shook his head furiously. "Whoa! No."
    "Sorry but I have to ask these things." I don't give a damn if this is making him uncomfortable. I need to know. If these questions scare him off then I'll know he doesn’t respect my time and my emotional investment. "When’s the last time you had sex?"
    Gavin thought about the question for a while. "It's been about a year and a half since I've done anything with anyone."
    "Who was the last person? Were you dating or was it just..."
    Gavin's tone changed dramatically. "It was with my ex-girlfriend of two years." He sounded far away. That's the only way I can describe it. But I had to press on.
    "What triggered your depression?"
    "My psychiatrist and I have come to the conclusion that I was mildly depressed for a while but after the break up I became, um, clinically depressed. But," he turned to me and gave a small smile, "I'm okay now."
    I nodded. He hadn't evaded any of my questions. That was a good sign. He seemed to answer everything honestly. That's a great sign. I felt a little bit guilty about grilling him now that I saw how well he handled the whole thing. The question at the tip of my tongue was: How bad did it get? Did he try to, I don't know, commit suicide? But that was a question that should be asked later down the line. I really don't think he's the type of person to take it so far as to attempt to end his life. I'm sure he's stronger than that. There was another question I wanted to ask. I would be focusing on every word he said and how he said his answer. Every bit of body language, twitching of fingers, blinking patterns, everything, would be analyzed.
    "Can you see yourself with me in the future?" My fingernails were almost piercing my palms, I was so nervous to hear his answer. I intended to ask this question to see how he really felt about us as an interracial couple. I was part angry and part anxious. I was angry that I had to ask this question at all. It's not fair that I have to worry about this. I was angry because I knew if Gavin didn't answer this question with confidence I was going to make a scene because all my fears were wrapped up in it. I'd probably kick sand in his eyes or something horrible like

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