Levon's Night

Levon's Night by Chuck Dixon Read Free Book Online

Book: Levon's Night by Chuck Dixon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chuck Dixon
seven when she came back inside after two Kools.
    Fuck it. Marquez would just have to stand an early wake-up. She found his cell number and tapped send.

    The Celestron telescope was trained on the house directly across the lake. Rambling along the shore over a one acre footprint, it looked more like a theme park attraction than a billionaire’s summer home. A Swiss-style chalet with a faux-wood shake roof and eaves dripping with gingerbread wood trim sprawled atop another half-acre of terraced deck with steps to a boat dock. She could picture Julie Andrews skipping around the place followed by a gaggle of blond-headed kids in lederhosen and dirndls.
    More money than style, Lee mused to herself, and raised her eye from the rubber socket of the scope. Next to it and also aimed out the lake-facing bay window was a Nikon camera mounted with a telescopic optical cannon equipped with night vision atop a tripod and fixed in position. It was set to take time lapse video in case she dozed off.
    Her circadian rhythms were flipped. She slept most of the day and spent her nights checking the house across the lake for lights or sign of movement. Sometimes she shifted the view to take in the few neighbors that shared Mohawk Road with her.
    There was a lot of downtime. The dangers of being bored to death seemed real to her. She cooked complicated meals in the gourmet kitchen and worked them off in the well-equipped home gym. She stayed fit as well by using of a pair of in-track skis that she used to explore trails around the lake.
    The Moulson house offered other distractions. An extensive library of Blu-rays and DVDs. They leaned to recent blockbusters and family-oriented fare except for the porno stash she found hidden in the back of the walk-in off the master bedroom. Lots of girl-on-girl which held little interest to her.
    Snooping through the Moulsons’ belongings occupied her for the first week she spent in their house. She learned quite a bit about them from her explorations. The information could come in handy should anyone ask her about them. It wasn’t as if she knew them at all. She’d found the house by a search of real estate sites and county records. The Facebook page of their middle daughter (they had four children, three daughters and a son) mentioned her glee that Mummy and Daddy would be wintering in the house in the Bahamas until late February. The middle daughter was the wildest of the Moulson kids as well as the most open on social media about family comings and goings. With the parents away, the main Moulson domicile in Wellesley would be party central until their return.
    Of the four homes Lee reconned, the Moulson place was the most ideally suited, being directly across from the house that held her interest. On paper that house belonged to Downeast Holdings as a lease property. In reality she knew it belonged, through several more stratum of shell companies, to a family named Blanco.
    It was late in the day. The lowering sun created a persistent glare off the ice that was lancing into her eyes to kindle a migraine. To hell with that, she thought. They wouldn’t come in the day anyway. And she knew they would come.
    Lee went into the kitchen to help herself to an espresso from the excellent Jura machine she’d gotten so much use out of. A noise from the front of the house turned her away from the kitchen to the front foyer. Through the beveled glass windows to one side of the double front doors she could see the Ram truck of the man who’d helped her home the other day. The truck pulled up into the drive and turned into the half circle turnaround set before the front. Her Mercedes was behind it on a tow line. She could see someone behind the wheel of her Merc but could not make out any features through the tinted glass.
    The Ram came to a rest and the man from the day before climbed from the cab. Mike? Mark? He went to the rear of the truck to undo the tow line. He was joined by a young girl in a

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