Lights of Aurora (The Stone Legacy Series Book 3)

Lights of Aurora (The Stone Legacy Series Book 3) by Theresa Dalayne Read Free Book Online

Book: Lights of Aurora (The Stone Legacy Series Book 3) by Theresa Dalayne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Theresa Dalayne
moving.” She couldn’t stand being near the remains for another second. Not when the faces of the innocent children rose through the folds of her imagination. Their tiny bodies must have struggled, knowing what was about to happen, while grown men forced them to lie down.
    She had once read that being offered as a sacrifice was an honor, and often times the elder shaman would give women and children a message to deliver to the gods before they were killed.
    A shiver ran down the back of her arms. What a horrible, unnecessary way to die.
    She stepped back. “How do we get to the portal?”
    “This is the portal.” He turned to face her, his gaze piercing, intense, and unsettling. “Tell me you’ll always want me.” His words came out in a soft plea.
    “What?” She shifted her weight.
    His grip tightened over the stone bowl. “Please, just tell me that after this, you’ll still want me.” His eyebrows arched, as did the panic tearing through her.
    Before she could reply, Arwan pressed his wrist against the bowl and slid it across the sharpened rim. His skin sliced open, and his blood began to flow.

    Chapter Six
    Zanya’s scream tore into him. He pumped his hand to encourage the flow of more blood, knelt beside the stone bowl, and laid his wound over the altar. His shoulders slumped forward as blood trickled into the offering bowl.
    He’d sworn he would never go back to his old life. He’d made an oath to leave that world behind and fight against every soul that dwelled in the shadows—every force responsible for causing pain. Now he was going to break that promise for her, even though he may lose her in the process.
    Zanya clenched her hands on his shoulders. “What did you do?”
    He hung his head as low as he could, wishing he could disappear completely. In that moment, his honor had been stripped away. Shame hung like a heavy cloud over his soul, mocking the years he’d spent hiding the truth and forgetting his ancestry. It had all been for nothing.
    As his blood filled the cracks of the aged rock, the atmosphere of the cavern shuddered. He wrapped one arm around Zanya’s waist and pressed his forehead against her belly as if already begging for forgiveness. But there was no time for that now. He had to hold on to her or she would be lost in the transport.
    A cyclone ripped through the cave. Zanya screamed and grabbed on to him as she fought against the blast. Darkness consumed them, snuffing out any guidance Zanya’s light produced.
    His vision blurred. Only the warmth of Zanya’s body kept him grounded. He clenched his jaw while they were sent to the gate, where worse terror awaited.
    The wind died in an instant and slapped them down on the cold stone of the isolated cave—the other side of the portal.
    The gate to the underworld.
    He struggled to push to his feet, but he had no strength left to support his effort. Zanya’s breaths grew louder until her warm hands cradled his cheeks. He opened his eyes, barely able to see past the pain blurring his vision.
    She grabbed his hand. “Hold on!” Her voice was frantic. “I’m going to heal you.” Warmth seeped into his wrist from her trembling fingers, and his wound knitted together. She rested her hand over his chest, and he relaxed his muscles as the heat from her body poured over him.
    The darkness inside of him thrashed through his gut, curling him into a ball on the floor. He’d managed to keep from changing all these years by staying near the goodness of Riyata, and far from the powers beneath. Crossing through the portal, they were now trapped beside the gate to the underworld. He had to control his darker half, and quickly, or risk it emerging from inside him.
    Zanya’s heat was gone, leaving him frozen on the ground. The chilled air prickled his skin, making it impossible to concentrate. He opened his eyes and peered at Zanya through blurred vision, just long enough to see her expression

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