Lion Lost & Found, Paranormal Romance (Ghost Cat Shifters Book 2)

Lion Lost & Found, Paranormal Romance (Ghost Cat Shifters Book 2) by J.H. Croix Read Free Book Online

Book: Lion Lost & Found, Paranormal Romance (Ghost Cat Shifters Book 2) by J.H. Croix Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.H. Croix
forget that,” he said, his grin expanding.
    She could feel the heat spread up her neck and battled to gather her composure. With a gulp of air, she shook her head sharply and glared at Tommy who only chuckled in return. She wished she wasn’t so obvious, but Heath brought everything inside of her right to the surface.
    Heath reached the counter.   “Hey there, how’s it going?” he asked generally, his eyes bouncing between her and Tommy.
    Before Vivi had a chance to reply, Sophia pushed through the swinging door from the back area with two plates in hand. “Hey Heath!”
    Heath glanced her way. “Hey Soph. Came for a quick coffee.”
    “What’ll it be?” Tommy asked.
    “Shot in the dark. To go,” Heath replied. “I’ve got a meeting over at the bank in a few.”
    “Got it.” Tommy turned away and quickly prepped Heath’s coffee.
    Vivi stood there, frozen in place, her hands curled around the two mugs of coffee. Sophia was asking Heath questions about the work on the farmhouse. Only a few minutes passed before Tommy handed over Heath’s coffee and Heath turned to leave. Just before he walked away from the counter, his eyes caught hers. For a second, she thought he was going to say something, but he merely nodded. She watched him walk away, the longing to touch him so strong, she gripped the coffee mugs a little tighter.
    Sophia’s voice came over her shoulder. “I heated up two cinnamon rolls for us. I know it’s not breakfast, but they’re your favorite.”
    Vivi mentally shook herself and turned back from the door. “Cinnamon rolls are perfect, especially with coffee,” she said, forcing her attention off of Heath and back to the moment at hand.
    She followed Sophia back to their table in the corner. She nibbled on the cinnamon roll, which was near perfection—soft, flaky and buttery with the perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon. After several quiet moments, Sophia cleared her throat. Vivi whipped her gaze up to find Sophia watching her. Sophia knew her better than anyone. Vivi knew she’d notice something might be up. She shifted in her seat and took another bite of her cinnamon roll.
    “Okay, I’ll just ask. What’s up with you and Heath?”
    Tension knotted in Vivi’s stomach. She didn’t know how to reconcile her long-dormant feelings for Heath flaring to life and the fact she’d hidden them from her best friend. It was all just rather inconvenient Heath happened to be Sophia’s brother. She grabbed her coffee and took a gulp. “What do you mean?”
    Sophia gave her a long look and then rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine. I was trying to give you a chance, but I’m not blind. The last few months, whenever I see you two near each other, it’s kind of obvious there’s a thing. I wasn’t going to say anything, but now it’s waaaay obvious. If you’re worried you can’t talk to me about it because he’s my brother, well that’s just dumb. I’m not some overprotective sister. If something happens, you can skip the details, but other than that…” she paused and shrugged “…you don’t need to hide anything from me.”
    The knot of tension eased, and Vivi took a slow breath. “I wasn’t trying to hide anything, not on purpose. I just didn’t know how to talk to you about it, and I don’t even know what’s happening.” She set her coffee down and ran a hand through her hair, sifting through the stands and twirling a lock around her finger.
    Sophia reached across the table and squeezed Vivi’s free hand. “How about you stop trying to have an answer right away?”
    Sophia shook her head. “Look, I know you, you’re going to spin circles in your brain if you try to make answers happen right now. All I’ll say is this: take it one day at a time. You can tell me whatever you want, but I know that look in your eyes. You’re about to wind yourself up.”
    Vivi smiled ruefully. “I know. It’s not like much has happened, so don’t go making it more than it

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