Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4)

Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4) by Brandy Walker Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Lisa: April (Mystic Zodiac Book 4) by Brandy Walker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brandy Walker
Jack’s attention. Was he trying to tell by smell if Jack had Mystic in him? “If you’ll follow me, please.”
    The man did an about face, leading Jack down a hall he hadn’t noticed before. They stopped ten feet in. The attendant faced the wall and placed his hand next to a picture of a large oak tree. A secret panel opened silently before him.
    They walked into a room with a stout, little man sitting at the desk. “Hello, Henry.”
    “Mr. Farnsworth, this is the first time the gentleman has been here, and he doesn’t have membership.”
    “I see,” Mr. Farnsworth replied. “Are you new to the city or merely visiting?”
    “I’ve lived here my entire life,” Jack answered.
    Mr. Farnsworth sighed heavily. “Have you come here on a whim? This is a place for Mystics only. No humans allowed.”
    “I know. My application is being processed.”
    “Then you know that you must wait until we conclude our investigation before you can come here.”
    “I do. I talked to the membership liaison earlier in the day. But my circumstances changed this afternoon, and I was told I would get instant access now.”
    Mr. Farnsworth’s thick, white bushy eyebrows rose. “Interesting. Most Mystics know they are one. Our circumstances do not change.”
    Jack dropped his bag to the floor before pulling up the sleeve on his T-shirt baring his branded bicep. “Mine did.”
    The little man’s eyes popped open wide. He scrambled out of his chair and grabbed something off the floor underneath his desk. He plopped a step stool down in front of Jack and climbed up. His stubby little fingers grabbed hold of Jack’s arm, pulling him closer. “This is freshly made,” he murmured. “Henry, grab my magnifying glass out of the top drawer, please.”
    Without taking his eyes off Jack’s arm, Mr. Farnsworth snatched the glass from Henry’s hand when he brought it over. “Yes, yes,” he muttered. “Freshly made. That’s why I couldn’t tell. The Mark of Gabriel. You’re from his blood. Must have been a few generations back.”
    Mr. Farnsworth climbed off the stool and gathered it up. He walked back to his desk and replaced the step stool before sitting down. “We don’t see many of you often. Most descendents with diluted blood don’t ever know what they are. You must have pleased the Gods somehow.”
    Jack didn’t know what he’d done to warrant the attention. Was there some kind of crash course he could take on being a Mystic? There had to be rules and regulations they followed. Jack let his thoughts run away from him as he watched the peculiar little man.
    Farnsworth unlocked a drawer, before pulling out a sheet of gold paper. He loaded it into a printer then typed away at his computer.
    “Place your hand on the pad please,” Farnsworth commanded after a few minutes. The upper corner of his desk lit up jerking Jack’s attention back to the present.
    He did as he was told, placing his hand on the cool metal pad. Seconds later, Jack was handed his new membership card and was following Henry out the hidden door.
    “I’ll take you to the registration desk, sir. I’m sure they’ll have no problem finding you a room.”
    Jack stopped Henry before they made it there. “Actually, my girlfriend is here for a week and doesn’t know I’m here. Honestly, she doesn’t know about the Mystic thing either. I haven’t had a chance to tell her. I wanted to surprise her. Is there a way we can track her down, maybe send my bag to her room if she’s on the Club side?”
    Henry grinned wide. “Of course. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the lady’s name? I should be able to help you out. I’ve always loved a surprise romantic gesture.”
    “Lisa Cannon. She’s a nymph.”
    “Ah, I know her. She’s a good friend of the manager, Paul. Give me a few minutes while I get the information you need. You’ll have your lady friend squealing in delight in no time.”

    April 6 th , 6:30pm
    Lisa adjusted the straps

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